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Excuse me, Is Your Tooth Ringing?

Excuse me, Is Your Tooth Ringing?

The ‘tooth phone’ consists of a tiny vibrator and a radio wave receiver implanted into a tooth during routine dental surgery. Sound, which comes into the tooth as a digital radio signal, is transferred to the inner ear by bone resonance, meaning information can be received anywhere and at any time – and nobody else can listen in. However, the ‘telephone tooth’ does not allow people to talk back to callers or make outgoing calls.

Tooth phone video


  1. The toothphone is already an old invention. It was already featured in 2002 in Wired Magazine.
    http://www.wired.com/news/technology/0,53302-0.html and it made the cover of Time magazine in the same year.. as one of’the ‘best inventions of the year 2002′.

    Recently the project was revealed as a hoax.

    Apparently, the inventers don’t have a working prototype. Still, it is a fine example of hypernature.. and surely this is ‘made to debate’.

  2. thank you for asking! i was implanted in 2003 in my molar without permission and consent. This thing in me works like a cell phone party line with up to 12 or more persons being able tp speak to me. and YES they can hear me respond to them as well, unlike the current available material. The problem is I have no volume control and find that this amazing technology has been used first by malicious people with malintent! its all handsfree and apparently with a cell phone tower connection the range can be quite far, including from the chicago area where I live abroad to places such as Dubai and Iraq. This also has a satilliete based connection and I have been able to communicate with pilotd in jets at 26,000 feet in the sky while I am on the ground. when its turned off, I can hear more than a city block wide with out any assistance. The problem is often sound quality and handling by unknowing or malicious person. Mine is used to do psychological harrassment and torture. But I have high hopes for people finding better uses for this amazing technology. I wont hesistate to say im an implant victim, and persons are trying to control and undermind me. But my intelligence and sense of well being allows me to prevail and see the better uses this audio tooth would offer in society. However as my dental file was stolen, sure seems that someone didnt want to reveal all the negative things it had in store for me. I encourage other implant persons to quickly obtain and secure their medical records and copies of xrays in a safe space and make prior arrangements with your dentist to have it removed at will on your own order.
    I encourage emails and questions.

  3. I would note somewhat inconvenice of people hearing you cough, brush your teeth, vomit, cry moan etc without being able to turn it off. It does not afford one privacy. And cannot be removed on your own. It can cause headaches similar to a migraine and untrained users can experience loud and unpleasant sounds or vibrations. It is also used as a tracking device like a lojack in a car, and as well with additional hand held device they can read ones mind via a computerized device as well. Its all done with sound. you hear the mind readers verbally in your head. The extent of the use can be easily abused by unknowing and untrained persons.

    Its covert ,and when I talk on it, it appears i am speaking to no one, so societal behaviors may indicate im schizophrenic or talking to myself. I have realized people who covert with this device could use it for a variety of purposes. It could come in handy for police, spies and other people who use their hands for a living but need to keep in communication with a base. One less piece of equiptment to haul around. Its existence in the USA is totally unheard of, and has many ethical implications. I wish the creators would update their website and advertise its use and availability so those of us that have them will not be considered a nut. Mental health care workers should be advised of its availability and people are often targeted for implantation due to their political beloefs or vulnerabilities in the mental health care system. It IS POSSIBLE TO BE HEARING REAL VOICES AND NOT BE IMAGINING THEM. Psych Drs and social workers need to be informed and help patients who fall prey to victimization by unsavory use or implantation without consent. People hearing voices may NOT BE SCHIZOPHRENIC.

  4. Pamela Toll

    I encourage contact and networking. Learned the US military is FAMILIAR with this device. its mostly sold as a covert device in the UK and Budapesh. Its not for sale in the US. ITs a horror that it occured to me the way it did. At times it can be a useful tool for information at other times its simply used for TORTURE.
    If you find yourself being implanted without youre consent Order XRAYS immediately and copies of your dental records. Malicious persons will LOSE your files. Keep your own safe.
    Tell people right away and contact Auguer lozier in the UK to try to find out who purchased it and had it sent to your area. In the USA. Make an FBI report and document your events. I cant get mine removed. the Dentist who put it in DENIES IT NOW
    Other dentists wont touch it due to ETHICS ISSUES. I will have to have my tooth pulled I guess. but know this if they bugged you they probably bugged your car, your work your home also. Locate those devices and transmitters first and try to make police reports. police are uncooperative but SHOULDNT BE. YOU DIDNT DO ANYTHING WRONG YOU ARE A TARGET!
    Most likely due to your political beliefs of practices.
    If you arent building bombs or training Jihads… try to get yourself out of that mess asap. And sue your DR! I should have!! Get license numbers, take pics and keep logs.
    Look in google under mind control and psychotronics(NOT THE PSYCHOTRONICS ASSOC its a FRAUD) Look into electromagnetic devices, human implants and this my friendsi s an AUDIO TOOTH… stay strong be calm and try to be factual. ITs scarey as hell and plays out like a suspense novel..but its real. contact me for more info!

  5. Dr Natural

    Pamela, I thought this audio tooth was a conceptual design. A visualization in order to start a discussion, not a real technology.. Now you come up with this story. Please share the extra info.

  6. Strage but true! its July 2007 and in my area, there is a surge in b lack muslim activity. they shamefully have having audio tooth covert devices installed in their small childrens mouths. They are trained and brainwashed to repeat what i , or other persons are saying . its a horror to me as I have been on this for three years and cannot get a denist to remove it. I have been the victim of psychotronic harrassment and underminding as a result of being a 9-11-01 witness with pre 9-11 intel info. this device IS NOT FOR CHILDREN . I believe the parents of these children are endangering their kids in many ways. And they are so stupid it should be a crime. DO NOT PLACE IN YOUR CHILD.. and report any parent that does. This is not common and should not be acceptable that any device is implanted in people with out their consent.Children are too young to make that decision.
    See my blog on yahoo .com yahoo 360 Peachsurprize@yahoo.com

  7. I Fernando arakaki miranda been born in Brazil, and am nationalized Bolivian.
    To have Japanese ancestry trip to Japan where I have exactly lived from 1de June on 1992, until the 1998. In that time interval which I was living in Japan I was used with the technology cybernetics but outpost, through you implant of cerebral microChips against my will, without my consent.

    These you implant have the capacity to gather, to keep, to transmit the thoughts, sensations, feelings I have inclusively can see through my eyes, with the technology cyborg but called outpost SOUL CATCHER 2025, with this artificial telepathy can speak to me directly to the brain, controlling until in my dreams. This means that I have been used as laboratory rabbit and now arms of electromagnetic radiation estan trying to destroy my brain using that is cerebral torture, forming groups of people to harass day and night to me being treated to silence and that this crime is unpunished. These criminals live, work single to destroy the human beings. These cruel acts do not have excuses, are without God nor law.

    Also they use the lie deceiving people with calumnies in my against trying to isolate to me, is the form to create to the schizophrenic paranoico and for this aim there are counted twenty six crimes of which I am being victim, between which we have: Threats, criminal association, blackmail, insults, psychological attempt of homicide, damages to the health, damages, discrimination, levelling, robbery, etc.

    These are some of the crimes that are using to conceal this subjugation in the city of Santa Cruz of the Mountain range.

    I am being studied by universities of this country as a rabbit of Indians by the newness of this implants of the technology outpost that much people ignore in countries of third world, are violating my human rights in all its magnitude.

    Sir as you can see deals with vejamen, lesa humanity and these injustices is sanctioned by the Organization of United Nations (O.N.U), and the Human rights of the entire world, so that the human being has right to the life, the freedom, and the rights to look for his happiness.

    This does not mean that this against the science, if not that to the human being is due to respect in its physical integrity, mental, it seems that they are forgetting God and its principles.

    This denunciation that I do publishes is thinking about the victims who have been silenced cruelly and those crimes have been unpunished.

    Sir I wait for you you include/understand my situation, I need its collaboration to do I publish east upsetting and thus to be able to arrive in an international opinion with justice, being requested compensation of damages with a right indemnification through the legal routes.

    For but information my I number of telephone is 776-74690 and my post-office box is: nandounico1@hotmail.comferny515@hotmail.comnandounico1@yahoo.es. To look for in google: Fernando arakaki miranda —
    For but details to look for in google following the pages: weapons implants psychotronic tortures, soul to catcher 2025, mind control forum, victims implants mind radiation takes leave thanked for Fernando arakaki miranda…

  8. 8-16-07
    I am reading the comments pertaining to being used as a guinea pig. I also have people using a light mind reading device. I have actually seen the device, it looks like a larger sized palm pilot or gameboy. IT has an LCD screen and on it strangely, all my personal thoughts come up in written words.. and I am told that when i visualize someone, the FACE of someone comes up in an LCD type sketch. I havent seen that. In my case, these forgeiners trained these kids and some adults to read my every thought out loud. So if i am sitting quietly contemplating life. .I can hear THREE PEOPLE READING MY THOUGHTS out loud. The people using these are ALL BLACK, low intelligence, and robot type personalities. AS this illegal anyway in the USA, the President of the United States will not even help me have this removed from my tooth. ( See Above) these people primarily work for a Saudi sheik or black muslim group who want images of persons I knew.. beliveing that i am a SPY MAGNET. THE UNITED STATES has done nothning to serve or help me an in fact are allowing an alquaida group grown feverishly around me. It is not a cia op or cover.. its AL QUAIDA. the terror organization .. and more. VERY CRIMINAL. These people steal my PIN NUMBERS, passwords, bank and credit card accounts, they read who i write my checks to out loud and what phone numbers i call, and when I make my personal appts. They are like roaches that never let go and the State OF IL . knows that this occurs and the US govt also. I made a HUMAN RIGHTS complaint and civil rights violation. .and still no one will contact me about STOPPING THESE ACTIVITIES.. its pretty horrible. I realized how political this all is as i am a 9-11-01 WITNESS PRoviding significant PRE 911 info to the FBI.. and yet even knowing this. the FBI whose realm this should be, does nothing to FREE me from this criminal underground. Anyhow. If they can drop transmitters in food and drink and listen from a nearby distance to me.. . IMagine how world leaders would become targets in the future. imagine al the banquets and travel around the world.. and adverse political opponents capability..
    I am honest and give a true and honest account of what these people have done.. the US.. has done nothing to support or help me.. only MUSLIMS Are interested in me, and they get paid handsomely for this.. I am White, well educated AMERICAN and jewish.. i feel oppressed dominated violated and angry.. its truely a violation and I am an IMPLANT VICTIM
    to completely FORGEIN INTERESTS..
    I am a loyal US citizen and no one deserves this treatment!
    My Dr Believes me.. but my family finds it hard to believe and all the so called HELP.. never bothered to TELL MY FAMILY ITS REAL.. they lie and claim they cant.. thats a CON JOB set up by persons in organized crime who defrauded my credit and bank accounts..
    Also I have heard murders take place in the presence of people using my device. They murdered US SOLIDERS HERE IN THE USA.. and then the govt lied and told their families the solider s died in IRAQ..they didnt.. and I told the feds of the crimes.. they still jerk my chain and gangstalk me, gas me with chemicals and allow me to live as a pauper.. althoguh I gave the million dollar info to the FBI BEFORE 9-11-01 and continue to


    When you talk about this out loud people never want to speak about it,probably out of fear that the same will happen to them.So they say “WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT” They know exactly what Im talking about.A couple years ago I went to the hospital for a abcess in the back of my throat,They gave me painkiller and I passed out.After getting released from the hospital I started having voices in my mind.They knew my thoughts.They were threatining me and telling me things to make me think stuff was going on that really wasn’t.Well a week or so earlyer I was at a womans house that I had known for a few years.she summoned me to her computer and showed me some type of web page that had a blond haired boy walking up the street and the boy had this scared look on his face like he seen a ghost.the web sight talked about mental survailance and showed pictures of some type of thing you put on your head reffered to as a blocker,it said something about paramilitary and this girl reffered to this mind reading thing as spyware. When I saw this websight I thought it B.S,nothing more than propaganda,but when it started happining to me I got freaked out.We all know that when you go somewhere these voices bust certaint people out on every thing they do,I cant get a job in part because the voices focus on me,they know every thing iv done in my past they know every thing I do.I have no fuckin privacy once o ever with out every body knowing what Im thinking of doing or what Iv done.this is gotta be against the law. this is some type of law enforcement or military.When this first happend to me they would be extreamly mean to me by keeping me up talking in my head for hours impersonate people I knew,then a few days later I seen this older guy pull out of a parking lot,he looked straight at me with this look on his face,in his hands was this device with a anntana that looked like a RC air plane remote controle,before I could get close enough he pulled out,Im still under this survailance for who knows how long.The secret is not that this now in our society its how and who does it.

  10. Timo

    Is this technology or plain schitzofrenia..

  11. Pamela Toll

    9-20-07 things with this audio tooth have gone from bad to worse. I most definitly am an implant victim and have a huge black group paid by a saudi sheik dominating every aspect of my private business financial and just my life. Ive heard a great deal of criminal activity including murders on this audio tooh and learned that black muslims in the chicago area are placing these in their small children .Tjhere is brainwashing going on and people acting very irresponsibly. I have personally encountered black children ages 2, 5, 9, 14 with audio tooths. This is a total abuse of this tecnology. I cannot get mine out although I have been to 25 dentists in three years. they can hear everything I say and are criminally undermininding me and my ability to move forward in my life. they are also stalking me and poisoning me. I am in the midst of a terrorist organization being ignored by the US authorities and local police.
    They grew from 22 people to 2000 in two years and their level of hosility is high.

  12. the sad thing about this , is that it is not given enough news coverage to educate people. Certainly the effects and usage make a person appear to be mentally ill. The real and true issue is that of being an implant victim, and being used and studied against your will. I reside in IL in a well formulate suburban area outside chicago. If the local police fbi and special ops of the military dont give appropriate response to date, as they have not, an underground group thriving around here with 2000 plus robots are being trained to control and manipulate me and other persons. It is financed thru a Saudi sheik and the people used to do the psychotronics are black muslims, and forgeiners here in the USA who cant get straight work. They are like drones or worker bees. This is well documented in defense dept archives but was outlawed in 1971 in the USA for experiementation. I talked to the US army they are aware I have the audio tooth and its a real survllience tool, but getting it out my molar is the challenge as no dentist with ethics want to touch it. I listen and watch while black children are being implanted as young as 3 and mostlty in their teens to do their parents dirty work on spying on US govt personnel particularly in sensitive positions and are successful in doing so. They are nasty disgusting and have a large organized group supported in a manner of which the mafia would support a crowd and they kill off their adversaries or people who would expose them. There interest in me is that i am a SPY MAGNET according to TONIA SCOTT A CRIMINAL WHO MOVED INTO OUR APT BUILDING AND IS WORK ING FOR A phony medical group that uses electromagnetic devices and torture. I caution the public to these acts of terrorism and torture including putting small transmitters in your food at resturants, once ingested they can use their listening devices in a close proximity to you. watch out if youre a senator , public offical or have a position of interest to terrrorists.
    and of course, they do not admit they are terrorists!
    10-17-07 this is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

  13. Rosemarie

    I am one of those victims, but this was not by my husband and hisgirlfriend and abusive friends of hers. This abuse was done by an audiologist whom my husband made arrangement with You see I am deaf from my right ear and can hear some but very little. I went in to get a hearing evaluation and ended up with this microchips inside. I can feel them in my ears. they feel heavy. On my right ear is a chip that makes noise, but I can’t hear what they are saying because I am deaf, thank God. The left is a listening device, mostly my husband and his girlfriend use this device by some type of radio transmission. I can hear them moving around, once in a while they forgot and to put the piece of device correctly I can hear them talking. There are times at the begining when they abuse started in 2005, I could not stand the noise, and the solution was to turn the radio on and the noise would blend in and clean my house. Then it would not bother me. I also know that someone within the medical community is helping them out. I know that for a fact.

    There person happen to be director of a hospital in Albuquerque, NM. Enough said. But My husband is involved and the girlfriend. Talk about who is really crazy.

  14. Rosemarie

    oops it is my husband Rosemarie

  15. Lillibet

    Hi I’m in the UK. I’m trying to find out if this is serious? Is there a network for people who feel they have fallen victim to this? Or any way to determine for sure whether you have an implant or are just a little ‘loopy’? I went into a psychiatric hosital (what a joke, it was more of a prison) a few years back because I was seeing and hearing things (it’s hard to recall what now) and my parents were concerned. Whilst I was there being focefed medication which made me iller, not better, they also took me abruptly to the neighbouring hospital for a brain scan without telling me why or what for. It was like a drill in my head or heavy industrial music, it must have lasted about 40 minutes but I didn’t have a watch. I genuinly believe they implanted something. I didn’t get an official diagnosis of any long-term disorder eg schizophrenia, they just counted it as a break down. Since then I’ve continued to hear voices commenting on my day to day life. Sometimes they mock me, less so now than immediately after my release when I was too terrified to leave the house for fear of my daydreams becoming a reality. But I still get them now, over 4 years later (has it really been that long?). I don’t know where to go or who to turn to that would actually check for the wretched device rather than feed me drugs. HELP. I want to be free!

  16. I to have had an implant put in one of my back teeth thanks to our wonderful government. I too was the victim of attempted foul play . How pathetic these people are that are responsible for this garbage.If they wanted me to do spying for them then all they had to do was ask. I would have said yes if it was for the good of our country. These people that are doing this to unsuspecting individuals should be made to have the implants done on themselves. Lets even the score.

  17. “Governments control the knowledge of the world and what you are. ”

    Radios in human beings, yes that’s happening. Even before the transistor such ghoulish experiments on human beings were being perpetrated upon many unknowing victims and the well wishes of the naive have allowed this to happen.

    In the era around the Great Depression when Government stole the stock market, created the FBI who fought against those over ownership, private control of business and human rights. Hallucinogen drugs and the frequencies of electrical shock patterns were being introduced to the poor and unprotected. The ID was mapped and compulsive disorders were created in what were otherwise healthy victims singled out.

    The very action that put those individuals in harms way were created. Formulated dialogs of lies keep secret the sadism of crimes that destroy minds and families.

    Today microfilm sized multi-duplexed transmissions send and receive to various micro-miniature nerve implanted devices precise information. The human victim has no control of what is transmitted. From birth and to some communication has been introduced while within a mothers womb. Today petri dished jelly diaphragm melting devices are being implanted within selected individuals and within all walks of life with special produced fertilized embryos.

    Now to a exact art mind control is produced. It easily and unsparingly ensnares the consciousness of every citizen, in every country on this Earth. Radio implanted individuals as well inhabit every avenue of human involvement and some spend time in space.

  18. Michael Kelley

    I did not know until I saw your website that a tooth phone existed. The questions I have is about the actual operation of the phone. For a single or group of this type of phone,what kind of vibrations would it put out if it were assumed in two or three places at once and what would be some frequency mocking to a dolphin, a chimp, or a bird? Second of all is it possible with the right tape string to repair damaged tooth bone and enamel naturally and in tape? Please reply,Thank You.

  19. johnny

    FYEHUW Thanks for good post

  20. Levi

    Wow, seriously, this is probably one of the most crackpot forums I have EVER come across. You people out there, should really seek some medical help if you can get past the fear of some group out there that you think is out to get you. I pray for you.
    Kratos987@aol.com if you wish to discuss this further.

  21. Ted Butler

    Pamela please contact me at 480-255-5385 for further discussion i believe the same in a way and would like help . Thank you Ted ebutkidwicz@cox.net

  22. Ted

    rosemarie also please call me at 480-255-5385 i believe i have a implant of some kind and would like to know how you know . or email at ebutkidwicz@cox.net or anyone that would know .

  23. Ted

    lillibet i can understand what you are saying now for me , seeing things is definately paranoia as far as the hearing and believing my thoughts can be read. I believe is some form of implant , I have had a mri done of brain . negative of course . I am crazy in someways , just not the same as others with voices . I dont need to know if you can relate I just need to know how this is possible for others to hear vibrations so i can take action from there. So if anyone can help please email at ebutkidwicz@cox.net or call me at 480-255-5385 united states number thank you sincerely Ted also if i can help in anyway please contact .

  24. Dear Ted, Susan, Pamela and others,
    I have been reading your comments on involuntary implants with concern. I find it fascinating that you believe the voices you hear are the result of a technological device. Some centuries ago people who heard voices in their head typically referred to them in religious terms: as spiritual revelations or messages from angels, Holy Mary or the Lord (Jeanne d’Arc is a famous example).
    Apparently, we have come so far that spirituality is being replaced by technology?
    Some of you have suggested the military is responsible for these presumed implants. As I do not work for the military I cannot provide you with definite information on what technology they have and do not have.
    I do know however, that the phone tooth implant, which is depicted on this web page, is a speculative fictional product created to provoke a debate. Surely this has been quite successful, yet once people start worrying to the extend that you worry, it is time to emphasize that the phone tooth is merely science fiction – It is just a hoax folks: http://www.newscientist.com/blog/technology/2006/04/whole-tooth.html
    I want to emphasize that there can be alternative explanations – besides military conspiracies – for hearing voices in your head. In psychology this condition is called schizophrenia or multiple personality disorder. The human brain is a wondrous thing, you may want to look into non-technological explanations for the phenonemon you are experiencing.

    Yours sincerely,
    Koert van Mensvoort

  25. Governments do ghoulish and cruel things. The only ethics those that do such things have is, it doesn’t happen to them. They forgivingly experiment on individuals, without their knowledge and consent. The same detrimental experiments Hitler’s scientist preformed on dissidents and the Jews continue. They are the poor white, and any minority. The 1930′s the experiments dealt with narcotics, electric pulsed shock treatments, mind games to the extent long term damage was done not leaving out lobotomies. In the early 1950′s radios began to be implanted but it was found that if it was not done at the instant of birth the subjects were so traumatized they died. Specific brain wave patterns were sent to the subjects and their synchronism was recorded. Telekinesis was successfully accomplished and even more results are startlingly accomplished. Brain storming answers explaining life, time and creation are not only explained but moment to moment lived. Religion was tested and found the abuse of hierarchy using the truth to subdue subjugate the masses. Creating idols outside the very life possessed and understood to be GOD. Subversion of what the living are and what they can bring into being has created the children of a lesser GOD. Time comes about according to the interplay of dimensions. There exist infinite mass without dimension. A example is there exist between you and within you sphere of acknowledgement as little speckles of different colors of light . These by thought and sight are moved and formed unto a existence and actions. by will and choice. There is no entropy but just as it was without dimension taken out of dimension.it returning out of dimension. Life is finite infinity’s awareness of it’s explains the life in each being personified as a individuality. Immortality exist and mortality is the end of a state of being. As there are different states of mass there can begin again the same or a new state of being. There is no end to any individuals life, just a change of being. There are infinite different beings. Some benefit another and others have little consciousness of others if anything in common at all. Space ships are defied as a other successful vehicle of travel. I am the one brain storming, implanted with a US Military communication system spread out from within my body. I have proved and explained a hyper-dimension designed structure of adhesion and expansion as how dimension, time and it’s existence are brought into being proving creation is what life is. The structure is the constant evolution of my being. Individuality is beyond all other fore thoughts of any other present being. By this I have explained the importance and undeniably of ever single individual personification, we singularly know as alone our self. I am not saying in any way it is right to implant in a living a radio and suffer a individuals lifetime but this has come about and is explained here this and that I want free.

  26. I find some of these comments in this thread to be a less than amusing discussion on what can become a serious issue for society with micro-wireless technology.

    Any references to reading/controlling minds is absurd – there is no technology to do this – it’s simply not possible.

    That said – the fact is there are technologies that can be implanted – with intent to tracking and/or eavesdropping.

    That is bad enough!!

    What about privacy? Human dignity?

    I was implanted with a tracking device on June 05, 2002 by Dr. Allison Falconer in Regina Saskatchewan Canada and I have had a protest of the matter – including a boycott/protest website for over four years.

    Please visit my protest website and see what can happen to you! Keep in mind that the site has been online for more than four years – the dentist tried and failed to get police to shut it down as “defamation”.

    I have evidence and it’s not ‘circumstantial’.

    No offense to “Pamela” but it is ludicrous to say that there is mind control and mind reading capacity in some device.

    Such postings make it more difficult for me because some people hear my experience and think it’s not possible – even in th face of the evidences that I have.

    The whole incident I have been subjected to is related systematically on my boycott/protest website:


  27. Pam Toll

    I am rereading the site and delighted at knowing htere are others out there. I wanted to update and tell you in late 2005 one long range transmitter that allowed me to hear a range of about 60 miles was stolen by a woman in the mob. She had a saudi sheik finance a NEW NETWORK. its like you have one RAIDO and TWO RAIDO STations. I am station ONE and the mob runs station 2. I can hear the people who are responding to the second station. I can not hear theyre speaker.. I can tell they make up their data and con people and decevive people. STrangely they got county judges, lawyers, FBI agents and US military on their side . then FILTER WHAT I HAVE TO SAY. Im not a criminal ..they are. and they CENSOR ME to the exact people who should hear me direct and take my information directly. Its not a matter of ego, its a matter of how could an FBI agent or Military follow the trail if the information is corrupted. I can see it as a methodology, but due to rackateering and levergaging they get the authorities to take instructions from the secret alquaidaoperatives and ignore the fact i AM being stalked and harmed.. they discredited my character and call me crazy.. I have no police services and FBI jerks me around from their Psycho unit calling me nuts.. Have you ever talked to an agent in the psycho unit?? Like talking to a wall.. anyway. I am gangstalked and assaulted with chemicals for GIVING DETAILS OF THE TERROR cell actiivty to the FEDS And they treat me like a terrorist.. I am not . I am a loyal US citizen unwilling to be a player in this corrupt gross enviorment.. A black woman told me I am a DIAMOND.. said in charting the facts.. all roads lead back to me for the truth of the matter.. I am financial indigent and seriously harassed…

  28. Pam Toll Park Forest IL

    TO TED: How do I know, One day , after I had my filing done after being thrown out of 7 dentists office to have a simple filling. I could HEAR a white male, and white female talking on the transmitter. I could hear them when they were unaware how much I could hear. OVer a course of what is now8 years.. I have come to recognize those persons as working in a Military, I cannot discuss the US military here, but i will tell you that i was ABLE TO Contact them and they believed me and knew of this technology. I made a civil rights complaint with the FBI because I believed the financing of my situation to be forgein. This brought out persons in the intelligence world to come to my support because I happen to have given the most significant, traceable information on 9-11-01 and they knew my character and truth to be impeccable. I received a different kind of support .. but my ability to have the audio tooth removed was underminded then and now by black muslims. Who were hired by the sheik in the USA. I can hear the conversations. At first when I spoke to persons, they did have TWO Way conversations wtih me. Til a man named JOE Stole a car off my internet account donated to me. He told his black female flunkies not to speak to me anymore. He has an associate who is in the mob, and let a woman in the CHICAGO SYNDICATE run one of my main long distance transmitters. She ended up stealing $486,000 worth of personal donations to the 9-11-01 investigation project in my name. AFTER THAT THEY STOPPED TALKING NORMALLLY AND STARTED DOING what is known as psychotronics on me. They developed SCRIPTS to drive me crazy and deceive other persons coming in to offer me help. THEY got away with it cause they murdered witnesses and persons who knew me to be the real 9-11 witness. You can hear the conversations, as you hear more people on your transmitter, they are developing a spy network in your area and passing out listening devices and or getting people to get audio tooths in them. they are not professionallly trained spies.. they are flunkies willing to do anything and are brainwashable.. so they will be robotic in breaking the law, and hasseling you. You need to find ways to rise above it. They target and isolate you. The FBI let people do this to me in chicago area.. I lost most of my friends as people were “HIRED” to spy on me and told it was CIA OR PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, when its primarily terror cell operatives. I have been in touch with the white house. I put on 142,000 miles on my car following the people , leads and trails ive seen them and heard them. NOw they moved out o my range and damaged my car and stole my money so i cannot escapte them. They clone my cell phones, still hack me on the computer HI THERE ASSHOLES theyre watching me now.. They lied to people in our govt and passed a mob relative off as being me.. if im so UNIMPORTANT and CRAZY.. why are 2000 people involved in spying on me and stalking me and spying on US GOVT Personnel? My situation is different than yours. but you were targeted for a REASON? you need to identify what theyre interest in you is.. Try to travel out of your area and have it removed before your spy network gets to big and you cant get away like what has happened to me.The FEDS are afraid of me.. everyone was made to feel I would have them harmed. I have done no wrong and stayed on the course of the truth. If you note in my situation, the 9-11-01 plotters have not been arrested.. RIGHT? SO THAT HAS everything to do with the strength of the terror cell spying and a US govt conspiracy allowing a prostitute to steal my identity and give WRONG DATA. I have told the world. ABC TV had promised me an interview, then this summer claimed PRES OBAMA told them not to interview me.. I Dont know about that.. but I never got my 15 minutes of the MOST IMPORTANT FAME NEEDED to help me survive wtih teh truth of the 9-11 plotters. I feel in my situation my comments demean the white house at the time and the administration and I have a conspiracy of the Century After the Kennedy assainsinations. This isnt aobut Oil price reserves wtih the Saudis. I believe King Faud would want to capture the terrorists. its about how VOLATILE a terror cell is in the USA PROPER and how the US authorities IGNORE IT BY DENYING ITS HERE.. well 9-11-01 occured all in teh USA.. Someone plotted it my info says who. and CIA HIRED SOME OF THE REAL KNOWN PLOTTERS who work out our tax payrolls.. perhaps the CIA doesnt want the public to knowt hat.. I cant believe they woiuld allow this to occur . I worked closely with them and just wasnt hired.. but they hired terrorists and people I TOLD THIS TO in other areas of govt and media etc. I am an implant victim. NO one said PAM, can you have this put in your so we can work with you. I Cannot get it removed and am denied all kinds of benefits and medical care and harrassed .. and denied proper investigation. I was shot with a GPS plastic piece in my back .. a cm big its still there. the shooter said ITS A PRESENT FROM GOVERNOR BLAGOJEVICH. I made a report and reported same to FBI.. I hear they indited the Governor, yet FBI and US Atty never asked me to come forward with a proper statement or representation. I Was arrested for calling the police to a bank where black females posing as bank tellers ripped me off.. I was a CRIME VICTIM AND ARRESTEd. I Am being forced thru mental health court by persons associated with GOV BLAGO who also was indited. the US attorneys office has never assigned an investigator to ME. THE WITNESS and CRIME VICTIM.. as one agent told me.
    WE cant get them on what they did to you. WE GOT THEM ON OTHER THINGS. Ok. but that doesnt set me free.. I NOT FREE. I pray someday to be free again..

  29. hello i would like to know something does this traking device really work as in if my girlfriend was in any danger

  30. My opinion is a bit another how it is possible to talk to the author, for example on an e-mail?

  31. sandy

    tel me the advantages and disadvantages of tooth phone

  32. sandy

    application of tooth phone

  33. Pam of Park Forest IL

    Nov 9 2012

    I have posted on your site before. I did see your comment referring to mental illnesses,. I have been psychologically evaluated. I am not delusional and not schizophrenic. I am really implanted and have told not only my Drs, police FBI CIA Homeland security and the US military, but the UN NATO and numerous other forgein militaries are involved on this transmitter. The actual applications of it has updated to smaller hand held devices to listen from about the size of IPODS. There is something n ow Called PSYCHO HEUREUSTICS
    Its essentially brain hacking. I am an INVOLUNTARY victim to this as the black females who are in fact my torturers , not caretakers, in fact continue to buy and promote newer technology on me . they give the operations of these devices to underaged black boys who never go to school and or are on 24/7 shifts.
    I have reported same to CIA and they shamefully hired on many of these terrorists. I know for a fact they are not scientists or psychologists but just hararssing me for intelligence informaiton. OTHERS believe it too but are FORCED to not State that cause the criminal level of influences in this underground MESS is dangerous. I was off the speaking aspect of this for 14 months. THe US stopped their activites. WHICH WAS SUPPOSE TO LOCATE ALQUAIDA and other terrorist. The US STOPPED But these black undergrouders escalated their activities on a STOLEN JHAWK transmission board of a military quality but PRIVATELY OWNED AND OPERATED.
    I tried many times over to give this to the national guard. these perps MURDER THEM when they get too close or to the physical location of the board. They lure them in and murder. this has been going on for a long time, they are also aiming for US MILITARY CIA and other federal jobs and stealing the victims credential and identity. I have myself caught Nigerian con artists drug dealers and chicago synidicate members EXTREMELY heavily involved in this .
    They even got close to PRESIDENT OBAMA himself and he falsely believes them to be in the US GOVT they are not. Ive been on this 8 years and know how they got their stolen credentials.
    I worry for the US itself as these undergrounders which is forgein based in the USA have over 5000 participants in The Chicago area and its spread thru 14 states and over 13 international countries. Wars and terrorism are started and HEARD ON THIS. Its not my imagination. Whats startling is the lack of STOPPING THEIR ACTIVITIES. These persons are privately hired on forgein funds and the bulk of personnel on FOUR TRANSMITTERS ARE Criminally driven.
    THE FEDS do what the mob tells them too and have lost alot of lives.. Then when I report it they say im not perceiving it properly and dont respond til SOMEONE ELSE TELLS THEM ITS TRUE..
    I am in a CHICAGO SUBURB and have now seen persons in LOCAL STATE AND FEDERAL govt get on here . They are being SPIED On with the brain hacking brain photos and more.. People in banks help defraud banks and financial centers in exchange for FREE CARS CASH AND PROPERTY. Self Greed drives and increases the criminal actiivty. I still believe the financing supports TERRORISM INSIDE THE USA.

  34. Pam of Park Forest IL

    I also take note, that MAJOR players in these events of improper handling are often being replaced or scandalized to get the persons OUT OF US govt offices that knew I am the witness as the CIA allowed someone else to steal my name . And identity. I believe its just a matter of time they will kill me .. as i have continued to speak out and EXPOSE this network.. apparently people at the top like PRES OBAMA think I am black woman. I AM A WHITE WOMAN and have no small children. That scenerio that was so harmful to me and prevented me from getting the help that was requested was a CIA scenerio so that a 9-11-01 plotter hired by the CIA wouldnt be exposed or known in the media. Although its true . SHE IS A SPY FOR THE CIA NOW.. so they let the mob steal my identity and pass me off as someone else..Top people in the white house have not ever stopped or disabled this program at all.

  35. Pam of Park Forest IL

    I havent been to this site for awhile. I see people asking more about WHAT the audio tooth is. the one AS shown on this site , is similar to the original one I had implanted in me without consent, but it has progressed and updated with newer technology. It looks more like a small clump of mesh, somekind of soft fiber, I have seen it look a bit like a net, (tiny) and it also appears to be in the form of think of an acrylic fishing wire you fish with. its cut very small less than the size of your finger tip to the bend of the first tip on the small finger. It is almost unnoticable. I believe it was stuck into the ROOT to fill my root canal and then Sealed in with dental affixture during the second part of my root canal procedure. When you XRAY it looks like a FILLED ROOT.
    i also have seen very thin tiny metal pin like strips that can also be inserted into the root. The thing is , once done the dentist wont see you again because whoever manipulate them knowingly or UNKNOWINGLY ( as in my second root canal procedure) MAKES SURE they wont talk to you or see you again no matter how good the relationship was. Then they try to do away with the medical bill and record that you were there, and in time something negative happens to the dentist by accident .
    I know of persons in the Chicago area who KNOW A ACTUAL dentist to go to , to have it inserted and yet removed, but they wont tell me WHO TO SEE to have mine removed although there is nobody involved that doesnt know I HAVE THE ORIGNAL ONE , as well as a more recent implant. I have also the details on the expansion of their network and techonology used in the UNITED STATES and provided much of it to the US military. They left me a victim of circumstances and somehow allow this suppor that i am not sane to continue to hawk and stalk me. Even the white house allowed someone named SUSAN to claim it was her When I ACTUALLY WAS IN OBAMAs office as a citizen during his tenure as a US Senator. Nobody has resolved any of my issues that I cannot do alone.( nov 16 2012)

  36. Russell Mc Duff

    I beleave I have had one of these implanted by a local firm with intent to control me,, How & who do I call to tell them of this

  37. I have had one of these implanted by my local demist without my permission,, it has been driving me insane,, How do I get rid of this.. There will be a law suite coming from this..