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Second life prostitute

Second life prostitute

The world’s oldest profession has made quick inroads into virtual life. You can make a quick buck if you’re willing to accept in-game money for sexual services -whether that’s just dirty chat, or full-on animated action. For example, “Khannea” took her first client on her very first day in Second Life, and since then has been busy working many days per week, several hours per day. She dresses her avatar in provocative clothing, and simulates sexual activity using a variety of animated actions and pre-recorded sounds.

“I do this for fun, because I am exceedingly good at it, and because I make relatively easy money,” she says. Khannea charges 750 Lindens (about $3 at current exchange rates) per half hour “of varied activity,” but clients generally tip more. On one occasion a man in game paid her 5,000 Lindens, but, she says, “I expect he was taking revenge on his [real world] girlfriend by spending her virtual money. It takes all kinds.”

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  1. Bronzethumb

    That is one of the coolest things I have ever heard of.

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  3. jackoffboy

    damn ill be blowin a heavy load every day

  4. jack

    very very sexy

  5. sicko

    fuck yeah i am horny!!!!

  6. sicko

    whoo this is cool!!

  7. haveit

    any0ne wana have sex with 12 yr old boy?

  8. hmmm shall we say these comments are still within range of freedom of speech (considering the topic of the post) or rather just delete the mud?

  9. wut the fuck is rong wit u ppl get the real thing not a fuck virtual one god!

  10. why would someone want to have sex wit a 12 year old?

  11. Normal Guy

    Guys, your FAGS get a fucking REAL life not no second life jesus… if your sad enough to need a prostitute as least get one in real life jesus!! u fuckin freaks need life,,, no matter how much people dont like you

  12. Jen

    Got virtual herpes?…

  13. Kamryn

    I’m a prostitute in Second Life. When I made lindens at first, I first spent a few thousand on my avatar making her look at her best, which gets me even more. This helped me pay for so many things in RL, and I dont even have to work, I can just play this for a few hours maybe more, then I have enough money to go out for the night!!

  14. Laure Palianta

    I’m a second life prostitute too! Please come! :)))

  15. Sensual Seductress

    This is not about real sex or about real prostitutes. This is about a GOOD, healthy, sensual, erotic, safe, anonymous, and LEGAL experience. SL is similar to RL in that there is sex between consenting adults, and most sex is the garden variety sexual experience as between people in relationships. Well, sometimes people wish to treat themselves to something better than garden variety, or more exotic. Sometimes they want something extra special, or simply they desire it without having to go through the hassles of a SL relationship. It’s like Fine Dining. Just because you can fry yourself an egg, does not mean you do not on occasion, go to a fine gourmet restaurant. Those that have had GOOD Cybersex know what I am talking about. Those that do NOT, well, to try and explain is like trying to explain the Mona Lisa to the blind. A waste of time, and ultimately for naught. Either you KNOW what Good Cybersex is like or you don’t. If you wish to know… let me Know maybe we can meet on SL :P

  16. Uberl3375oR

    lol i saw second life once on a gaming tv show.

    i think the idea of paying for virtual sex(or anything virtual) is insane, but i guess some people like it.

    is there still money to be made in second life or is it not worth it any more? i was thinking about earning some cash and this might be worth it.

  17. LILY

    thats seems awsome but how do u join

  18. BilliAnn Bravin

    I’m a prostitute, too! Contact BilliAnn Bravin inworld for full service! :)

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