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Fake for Real: Natural Breasts?

It is true, they are rare, but they do exist: girls with tiny waists and large breasts. Occasionally, women are simply born like this. The only problem they have – in a world where plastic surgeons sculpt flesh to match retouched photographs in glossy magazines – is that nobody believes their boobs are natural anymore.

From our Fake for Real series. See also: Hyperbreasts.


  1. Joe Blow

    Only time will tell :D

  2. LEB

    Well, those to the right are obviously fake, and that would be easy to tell even without the “before” picture on the left. Natural breasts don’t cleave without support of an under or outergarmet. The natural movement of breasts is for them to shift outward when not supported, because a bra shifts them inward and upward. If that girl’s breasts were natural, they’d be hanging at least an inch lower, further apart, and with the nipples pointed at an outward angle instead of forward. Honestly, whoever did her breasts didn’t do a very good job.

  3. Megan

    Well? What do you expect when there are websites like http://www.MyFreeImplants.com

    Yeah… you read that right: My Free Implants just like it sounds! Gotta see it to believe it.


  4. Implants are horribly ugly. Don’t get them. Real boobs rock, no matter what the shape.

  5. Elaine

    I absolutely hate fake breasts and Joe is right about women should never get implants.

  6. me

    hey im a 8DD believe it or not and i am very attractive (even if i say so myself) my breast are reall and they are awesome and they look real…nobody ever asks me if they are fake because they just look so jiucy and bouncy. they are not saggy but they are nice nd soft. my b/f loves them. fake titties are grosss and it makes me mad the fact that i had to go through the embarrassment and hassle during puberty to get these huge things and now any little skank s going out and buying them! (pissed off)
    im still better cya xox

  7. ali

    oh thats too bad her breast were really nice before…

  8. Sam

    Fake or real, as long as your willing to show them off… I like em ALL! I understand the insecurity of having smaller breasts Larger breasts are seen as more attractive and (like it or not) bring you more attention. No matter what you have though, don’t be ashamed and show it off. That is more attractive than anything else!

  9. rob

    her breasts didnt look bad before

  10. Jenny

    Im sorry but the bigger breasts are better, and I can tell you now if you met this girl before her surgery she wouldnt be half as confident as she is now. I say breast implants are not for men to decide if they prefer them or not, but so that the woman can feel confident and sexy!

  11. Kelly

    I agree with the woman before. I have large natural breasts (36DD) and a small waist and no one appreciates it, and idiots bet money that they’re fake simply because of the fact that these insecure women go out and buy these fake looking, nasty, plastic, unnatural looking things that hey put on their chest. I think it’s disgusting. They don’t move and they don’t have the softness of real breasts. My boyfriend loves my breasts and he’d never give them up not because they’ve big, but because they’re REAL.

  12. Anon

    “Fake” breasts are real too.
    It’s not as if we have imaginary breasts floating around.

  13. Eviie Espinosa

    fake breasts are gross.
    i guess i got lucky. i have a 24 inch waist 36D’s(still growing) a nice round butt im completely toned and i have my own full length walking talking mirror!!!i have an identical twin sister. haha be jealous bitches we are only 16

  14. Michel

    Eviie, I wonder if it happens often that people think your breasts are fake? Does this happen and if so, how do you feel about that.

  15. Cheryl

    You may have real breasts so what…If a woman was unahppy about being fat, she can go to the gym and nobody would fault her for wanting to look better. Breasts are an important part of a woman’s body and if you were to walk in a 39 year-old mother of two kids shoes and still be a 34 AA, you would understand her wanting bigger breasts. I am married and can tell you when I walk in a room men and women turn their heads (I have small breasts). For most women, getting breast implants is about making them feel better, not to make a man feel better. So far, all my friends who have gotten them, some 15 years ago, love them and have had nothing but a boost in their self-esteem. Ladies, if you are confident in yourself, don’t be insecure because I’m able to buy something I should have had as a woman in the first place. One last thing, those of you with real breasts who think implants are gross, well I think saggy boobs are gross. We are all entitled to our opinion, right?

  16. gl1200phil

    I think most men (and women too) will agree w/ me. Its the BIG Fake ones we hate! I doubt many will condemn a woman who is small and just wants to be what will make her less insecure about her personal attributes. (Was that PC enough?) A lot of guys DO like small breasts (it brings out the part of him that likes young girls !) Well also, you know sometimes you really crave Chinese food then, another time you really want some good Mexican with great guacamole, I’m sure everybodies’ sexual desires are the same. Just in my case..no huge fake boobs, especially if they look like a do it yourself job or they were on the losing end of a knife fight!! Sure is sad looking at girlie pics and seeing a woman who is in desperate need of a headight alignment! Aways makes me shake my head and wonder why someone would do that to themselves. Another point is small breasts age much better that big ones. (I’m old) I was seeing a woman getting close to 50 and her smallish breasts could easily pass for a teenagers… in my book that is HOT! Another thing about the big fake ones is the personality that comes w/ them. Most of these women want every guy around to notice them and nothing turns a lot of men’s heads faster than a giant rack..usually an indication of a huge ego that needs constant attention ..or insecurity. At one time a dated a woman who was a 36EE, before I met her, I didn’t know bra sizes came that big! She was 100% real, she had family photos on her walls with her mother and three other sisters. Unfortunately they had caused her to have a LOT of psychological problems. She was under psycholical care and had to take drugs at night to put her to sleep and drugs in the mornigh to get her going and keep her “mellow” during the day. She only was capable of part time work. She told me a story about how she “used to be naive”, when she was young. (When I saw her we were in our middle thirties) Her neighbor worked for the airlines and wanted to get her a job as a stewardess. She went next door and he asked her questions and filled out a questionaire. During the personal questions part he asked something about her breast size and she told him. He insisted it couldn’t be true and got her to show them! I always had this great scene in my head. Here’s this neighbor who had probably been obsessed with these four girls growing up and had fantasies about them. And her’s the greastest moment of his life…I can picture him, sitting at a table pencil in hand, shaking like a leaf, voice quivering, droplets of sweat dropping onto his paper, eyes focused on the sheet, finally gets the biggest opportunity of his life big.
    “Okay, you know your way to the door, I’m going to finish this up and ill get back to you when I hear from the airlines”.
    Ten minutes later. “Damnit Doris. I told you I’ve got bad diarrhea quit banging on the bathroom door!” Yeah I’m sick! Please look for my upcoming book, “The Psychological Analysis of Bad Tit Jobs and the Tarts that Come with Them”, by Dr Boobie Hooters.

  17. Uberl3375oR

    men prefer bigger boobs and women are jealous of them.

    that doesn’t mean it is any of your business what people do to their body.

    in the end the choice is up to women and as long as they compete for attention they will keep raising the bar and looking for an advantage.

  18. Lily

    Women with big natural breasts are jealous that women can now buy big breasts and not have to go through the hassle of changing bras and embarrassment through adolescence. Women with bigger breasts also see this as a threat to them–they see it as more competition, since it’s so easy to buy any sized breasts these days. Not only that, but implants will stay firm and perky, while the natural girls big boobs are hitting their knees by the time they’re 25.