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What is Next Nature?

With our attempts to cultivate nature, humankind causes the rising of a next nature, which is wild and unpredictable as ever. Wild systems, genetic surprises, autonomous machinery and splendidly beautiful black flowers. Nature changes along with us.

Future beauty: Hyperbreasts?

Future beauty: Hyperbreasts?

Let’s talk about hyperbreasts. Have you ever wondered why men like women with large breasts? Historically large breasts are presumably sexually attractive for men because they represented a womans capability of breast feeding an infant (read: large breast evolutionary means your off-spring will survive). Of course, in a world of supermarkets and overconsumption this is no longer relevant. Large breast have lost their functional benefit in the survival of the fittest and have become pure decoration.Besides the change from necessity towards entertainment we can see another evolutionary process in play: Nowadays plastic surgeons routinely sculpt breasts in any ordered size or shape. Large breasts are no longer a born feature, they can be bought. As a result, large breasts become a symbol of wealth.

What if we extrapolate these developments towards the future? Once large breasts become default, it will no longer be a distinguishing feature. Some women might want to move on to the next level in order to attract men and equip themselves with hyperbreasts; softer, bigger, better than the real thing.

Agreed, these ‘wealthy’ breasts are entirely unpractical in everyday life. Men who fancy these type of women should not expect them to do any cleaning in the household and no child will dare to suck on them. They might even be a burden for the women who wear them, but -similar to the feathers of a peacock- thats all part of the evolutionary trade off, no?

Hypernatural Breasts NextnatureHypernatural Breasts Nextnature stephanieHypernatural Breasts NextnatureHypernatural BreastsHypernatural Breasts Nextnature mindyHypernatural Breasts Nextnature rinaHypernatural Breasts Nextnature vanessaIs this the future of female beauty? Or are there other directions to be explored? To be continued…Images: mastasia.com See also: natural breasts, modernistic vaginas, virtual miss.


  1. =A=

    I think I’d rather have a pet-camel… :P

  2. are these images real? or was it edited again using photoshop? i believe its the latter :D

  3. Thank heavens these big fakers are just a tongue in cheek scenario. And let’s not forget men play a role here: Guys, this is what we could end up with if you continue choosing large breasted women (I know some of you are even paying for the implants). Enough is enough.

  4. Fawn

    That’s almost too much to even laugh at. In the evolutionary chain these types of features would not get you very far, imagine if woman actually had these breasts “naturally” in primitive time, the female race wouldn’t be doing so well in this day and age; seeing as we could barely escape from predators with these knockers. Plus who could possibly have a good time with these? you could barely get on the bed there’d be no room for the man/woman even if you tried…disgusting.

  5. Don

    It reminds me of the lengths rich, trendy people go to in the Judge Dredd comics to become ugly in reaction to the ubiquitous beauty that comes with futuristic tech and easy procedures to acquire status quo attractiveness.

  6. bladiebla

    The evolutionary advantage stops when the breasts start to hang in front of the reproducing hole. If men cannot reach the reproducing hole easily they will take their beer and move to something easier.

  7. Ummmno

    Fake. There aren’t any pictures that reveal their whole top. It’s some sort of synthetic strap-on boob set. I would find it hard to believe that even a porn star would subject themselves to that, believe it or not.

  8. jstaxx

    so hawt

    wait until people start getting plastic surgery to look like animals or villains from comic books

    oh wait, they already are

  9. inlogic

    A bit of thought on the subject, from the female perspective on the matter, how females from Africa regard their own body and proof that these boobs complexes aren’t exclusive to intellectually-self-worth-seeking pro-feminists from developed countries:

  10. niko

    muy graaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaandesssssssº

  11. do you guys think are they real? the 3rd and the 6th pic look so fakes

  12. pollon

    me enkanta ke bien me lo pasaria kon esos ejemplares.

  13. ¿Esto es real?

    No puede ser posible, es increiblemente horrible.

    This is real?

    Can’t be possible, it’s is horrible.

  14. daen

    enlechate guey

  15. maccari

    eso no es real
    this is not real
    no entiendo
    i dont uderstand

  16. htgrhukkliliño

  17. Iori

    esta de poca madre wey
    la neta,estaria chido tener una vieja asi carnal..
    para pasartela chido un buen rato…….
    y usarlas como almohada………

  18. Te-rebiento-la-cabeza-a-puñetazos

    Se nota muchisimo que no son reales, y ademas, unas tetas asi dan muchisimo asco, no creo que ni una mujer se quiera hacer un desastre como ese, al menos una mujer que este bien de la cabeza.

  19. alejandro

    no mames, que asco

  20. alejandro

    ademas de que no son reales…..pero si lo fueran, que ascooooo¡¡¡¡

  21. BY:AniMaTius

    la puta madre q le apario apodos la comcha de su madre mal paridos

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  23. edurdo

    eesto ya no es bonito