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What is Next Nature?

With our attempts to cultivate nature, humankind causes the rising of a next nature, which is wild and unpredictable as ever. Wild systems, genetic surprises, autonomous machinery and splendidly beautiful black flowers. Nature changes along with us.


  1. Wow. First a school, now a museum. What’s next? The White house?

  2. =A=

    Though I love Teuns work and think he earns the attention… How is selling pixels and selling pieces of visual property of consequence for the way we perceive shifts from culture to nature and vice versa? F.e. does it imply a change in the way public space is used? –> Buildings become magazines in need of advertisers to survive? Well, take a look at Times Square New York to see how the world would look. Nothing new there.

    Flags are symbols of pride. This artpiece is trying to merge nationalistic symbolism with free market economy So there you have it: a cold war on the façde of a building and we call it Dutch design.

    Next posts better be on topic please…
    P.s. Nice work Teun!