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How will Michael Jackson appear in heaven?

How will Michael Jackson appear in heaven?

Our beloved King of Pop, Michael Jackson, who died tragically at the age of fifty after suffering cardiac arrest, was one of the most widely beloved entertainers and influential artists of all-time. And he wasn’t only a pioneering in music.

Throughout his career, he underwent countless groundbreaking cosmetic operations to recreate his own face according to an ideal he had in mind. Sadly, after each surgery, that ideal seemed to shift, necessitating new adjustments.

Using childhood photo’s of Michael and knowledge on basic aging trends, forensic artists constructed a portrait of how Michael would have looked at age 50, had he never undergone plastic surgery. The difference between the portraits is striking. But which is the real Michael? The man of flesh and blood, sculpted by plastic surgeons or the highly speculative forensic image? Both Michaels are virtual in their own right.

If heaven exists, I am sure Michael Jackson is chilling there now with James Brown. Yet, I have no idea how Michael will appear in the hereafter.

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  1. Henri Hudson

    This is an interesting attempt, but the extrapolation on the right obviously misses a point by showing a man with fleshy cheeks, which doesn’t take into account the slenderness (if not scrawniness) of MJ, even at age 50.

  2. michelle

    YOu are at peace now away from this cruel world that was so mean to you. Rest in peace sweetheart

  3. wendelwende

    Jackson was a pedophile, drug addict and pathologica liar. . Great role model. He died of a drug overdose, injecting oxycodon and demerol.

  4. wendelwende – Michael Jackson was a legend who touched the hearts of millions…. the world is in mourning for him.

    You can say whatever you want, but the whole world will hate you for it and you could not dream of matching his fame and talent.

    PS, if he is a pathological liar, you are an insensitive, uncouth and immoral cretin who defames people who have just died.


    Long live the King

  5. jane

    michael was a brilliant manipulator and a attention whore.
    he distorted his face for attention. he was a self entitled brat who took advantage of kids and anyone who would say No would be banned. He was a liar and a drug addict.
    he is not a surprise he died, sadly he was a gifted and talented entertainer, but that does not make up for his eccentricities and his bizzare personal life.

  6. Although some commentators suggest that Michael will not go to heaven at all, I would like to take that as an assumption for now. The question remains: How will Michael appear in heaven?
    Or the more general question: does a worldly activity like plastic surgery transfer to heaven?

  7. Cindy

    Jane – you know what? I think you need to learn your facts before your going to comment something about that, not only that, but do your own research hon. We don’t know for sure if he took advantage of a child or not. People aren’t going to remember the bad things he has done (because we aren’t all perfect in the first place and anyone who cares about what others do with their own lives should get a reality check and worry about their own), but for his music and for being a dang good entertainer he was.

    How’s he a an attention whore? you do realize he had some kind skin disease that’s why he distorted his whole face white so it could match half of his skin color that already was. You’re ridiculous and anyone else who thinks is great that he died you are too, because no one should be happy about someone dying or whatever. Have a good day!.

  8. I saw the pain in his eyes – even when he was smiling. But is Michael Jackson in Heaven? Read more here:

  9. Valery


  10. there would be no other King of Pop like Michael Jackson. he would always be the King.

  11. Michael will look like this in heaven:


    His smile is just the best there is
    And people.. please do some good research about this man before you spit your hate on him. Thats just to easy.
    He really doesn’t deserves that …

  12. RLWD

    This is just my opinion, but I think Michael will appear as he wants to appear, or as his SOUL appears. Whether we know him by his beautiful exterior or by his radiating beautiful soul, he will be known, as will we all in my opinion.

    Maybe his mother will see him as a little boy.. maybe his children will see him as they knew him.. maybe he will see himself as he never quite could on Earth.

    But no doubt about it.. he will finally be at peace :).

  13. He is in hell…….I have a feeling that is where chronic child molesters reside when they leave this earth………..I am glad the hoopla is over and I can actually watch tv or pick up a mag. without it bieng all about him……what a sick freak
    he was!

  14. Nigel

    The FACTS on where Michael Jackson is right now according to the bible:

    He is ASLEEP in his grave like EVERYONE who died. (The bible clearly tells us that even King David is not in Heaven right now). Michael will be woken up by our Lord and Savior Jesus The Christ in the second ressurection after the 1000 yr millennial rule of the World Tomorrow. The books will be opened and he will be judged according to his works. My belief is that Michael will be given a second chance at this time to choose to follow God’s way of life or be thrown into the lake of fire if he rejects God.

  15. Mary

    You where gone to soon! I miss you more than words can express, but am glad your in a better place n I know your happier their! You where one of a kind, a guy who did give their all! I hope we can meet one day too! Lots of love M.J. R.I.P! Thanks for all the years you made us all so happy and brought such huge smiles to all of us! I will always remember you for the beautiful person you where inside in out! I will never forget you! hugs!

  16. Chels


    the “hoopla” about MJ will never be over so long as we are still listening to his music, and I highly doubt his music will ever go out of style.

    And to all the IMBECILES that label MJ as a child molester,
    are you too simpleminded to believe that he was never convicted of his child molestation charges? The first boy that accused him just ADMITTED that he was lying because his father made him. They stole that $20 mill he gave them.

    There will never be another MJ and I’m sorry that he had to put up with all the crap from people like mella and Jane.

    all he wanted was to be pure and everyone shot him down because of that. i was watching the interview he had with oprah and she asked him why he liked animals, and he replied that he liked them because they, like children, didn’t judge people. that almost brought me to tears. i hate hearing people call him strange because he wanted to be a kid, the thing is, he was never an adult, he was man, but not an adult. i just lost my dad last month, and i grieve for michael’s kids because i know what they are going through.

    i hope all those, who have criticized him for not being a good father or making the false allegation that he was a child molester, look at his little daughter and listen to her own words. accusing him of hurting a child is a completely heartless thing to say about such an innocent man. its already been two weeks and i feel weird, but i still cry for him. i’m not strange nor weak, but i feel so much pain for a man i never even knew. i know he was a good father, i just wish his kids could have experienced more of their lives with him. i can;t stop saying this, but he was a great man i am sure.

    i hate how, now, after his death, everyone is admitting that he was a pure man, that he was the greatest entertainer of all time, that he was innocent, all those things are so true and he never got to hear them enough during his own life. now that makes me sad.

    also, i feel so sad that the things that made him happy were the things we crucified him for. he loved giving back to children, sick children, and what do we do? we call him a child molester and bash neverland ranch. how cruel!!

    american culture is very screwed up in how we perceive people and what is true entertainment. nowadays we would rather hear a celeb’s wrongdoings instead of their good deeds, its utterly sickening.


  17. Martijn van Mensvoort

    “How will Michael Jackson appear in heaven?”

    Maybe, it is also interesting to take a look at Michael Jackson’s NEXT NATURE features at Madame Tussauds!?

    For example … Michael Jackson’s NEXT NATURE “hand cast” (made of WAX):


    This example is from London, but there appears to be another ‘hand’ in Las Vegas.

    PS. Michael Jackson “fake nature” body cast is present in 6 out of 9 departments of Madame Tussauds (Amsterdam, Berlin, Hong Kong, Las Vegas, London, and Shanghai).

  18. Your Mammy

    What makes you think Michael Jackson is in heaven?

  19. Gloved One, Loved One
    (For Michael Joseph Jackson)

    My heart is heavy, as I watch news footage of you gliding across the stage
    and gyrating your pelvis,
    At this moment in time this is bigger than the Duke, man, this is bigger than Elvis!
    Though you made your living with words, today there are no words to
    express the way the world feels,
    Right now there is no need to go into your discography
    because it encompasses valleys and hills.
    But where do I begin, should I start with your amazing solo
    career or should I start with the Jackson 5,
    When you were just a cute little boy,
    On stage you were talented and outgoing,
    Yet off stage you were introspective and coy,
    In the 70′s, you put the world into a trance with your ‘fro and bell bottomed jeans as you
    did the robot,
    Michael, you had everyone at your feet because when you danced and sang you gave
    all that you got!
    Michael, Nat King Cole was a merry ole soul as he sat perched up against mama’s
    old wooden phonograph next to Billie Holiday, Roberta Flack and the Jackson’s
    Destiny album,
    Lord have mercy you all looked so mature, sexy and handsome!
    I am old school and I remember coming home from school putting on your album,
    These were the days before CD¹¹s, MP3 players, and IPODS,
    Goodness, listening to your music was heaven sent directly from God.
    Ooh wee, or should I say ‘hee hee hee’ about that pulsating falsetto,
    That reached every country, mansion, island, barrio, prison, hut , suburb and ghetto!
    You were a great admirer of the legendary James Brown,
    It warmed my heart to see you at an award show holding his crown.
    You ruled the 80′s with a glittering iron glove,
    Moon walking into the hearts of millions Moving as gracefully and as freely as a dove.
    Newborns coming into the world already know your name,
    Ailing grandparents in their last days know the same.
    You are Gary¹¹s finest but the world dubbed you the ‘Gloved One¹¹
    Michael, your legacy is HIStory, DESTINY, OFF THE WALL, INVINCIBLE,
    BAD and most definitely a THRILLER.
    You are the King of Pop the ‘Man In The Mirror!
    You ‘rocked our world¹¹ for over 40 years.
    You gave us such memorable songs as Who¹¹s Lovin You, Gotta Be There,
    Heart Break Hotel, Butterflies, PYT, Billie Jean, Earth Song, Can You Feel It,
    Working Day And Night, The Girl Is Mine, Say, Say, Say, and we ‘Remember The Time’
    you told us that ‘We Are The World’ and to ‘Ease on Down The Road.’
    You sold out football field stadiums and integrated MTV music videos!
    Back in the day we wore your buttons and donned white socks and penny loafers,Now here we stand today in shock and sadness but we know your pain is over.
    Michael, we miss you and though you said ‘Heaven Can Wait’, ‘You Are Not
    Alone’, and “I Can’t Help It, “Human Nature’ is the reason that ‘I Just Can’t Stop Loving You’.
    You were a great humanitarian a sensitive human being,
    Who came to earth and completed your journey now you can have eternal rest,
    The world loves you ‘Gloved One¹¹ but the Lord truly knows best.
    We ‘Never Can Say Goodbye¹¹ to you ‘Lovely One.’

  20. He is in heaven, Idk, How am i supposed to really know??

  21. Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee

    If Michael was alive he wouldn’t look like the man on the right. We won’t have bodies in heaven so he wouldn’t look like him in heaven either.

  22. Coda

    Michael is in hell.

  23. anthony salomone

    look if micheal came to jesus before he died then he’s find but if he did not then we know where he is I am not juding him

  24. Doreen

    Michael is in heaven because he was already an angel on earth. I think people are just jealous hearted and just can not believe one person was capable of achieving so much so quickly in life and yes, he had short comings. Everyone wants to focus on his skin lightening and nose jobs. But okay, go right ahead. But why hate him for it. He dealt with his self esteem issues the best way he knew how. Why look down on someone for trying to feel better. about themselves. Did you miss a dime or a quarter out of your pocket because MJ had cosmetic surgery? No. As far as the molestation charges, I feel like MJ’s mom. If someone had molested my child no amount of money in the world could have stopped me from trying to prosecute them to the fullest or kicking their behind. They would have never made it to court. But I would have never let my children sleep over an adult’s house in the first place. I don’t care who it was. They set MJ up. Yes, he is in heaven and he has the angels dancing and singing in formation.
    He’s probably teaching the angels how to spin and moonwalk. He was an old soul on loan to us just for short while anyway.

  25. juici

    i love michael jackson to pieces

  26. Henry

    look I ABSOLUTLEY LOVE MICHAEL he is my insperation

    but i wish someone would get a recent photo because that isnt wat he looks like ge looked fantastic at the this is it rehearsels

  27. Dylan

    Michael will look like who he was on the inside just like his song “Black or White” it don’t matter if your black or white. The King of Pop will live on forever and lies about him are false and were hurtful to Michael those people should be ashamed.

  28. micheal,jackson is a good man help alot of a sick people and gace all he money too charty ok nose jobs he nose was broken
    hair is hair was burned of so i had too wear a wig
    face chageds hes face wascoming too bit so he fixs it in too place skin had a diseses so you no hwat he is in hevan

  29. SarahLovesMichael

    Michael Jackson, what a man!
    i love him from the bottom of my heart. he is my one and only and if i could have married him i would have.
    he appears to me in my dreams it brings me comfort. i love him. did u hear that? Love.
    and this comment goes to wendelwende who thinks all of that of mj well let me tell you, if you only gave him a chance to realize how much of a gentle caring man he was you’d see different.

    rest in peace michael
    i love you lots
    i will never ever stop loving you xxxxxxxx<3

  30. SarahLovesMichael

    he is in heaven someone please tell me he is in heaven please.
    i love him
    he has did nothing wrong to be in hell.
    if he is guilty of anything its being guilty of giving to the world. spreading joy and love

    i love you michael

  31. Cheyenne

    Thank you for all those who surport the fantastic man MJ was. My mother and I were absulutly devistated when we heard that MJ died (I am absolutly grateful that my Grandma told me the evening before we had to go to work and school ,she was in Canada so they oviously heard about it first, because we would have been so sad that we would have not been able to go to work and school if we had heard it in the morning). I am absoulty grateful that I had several years of my life to know him.

    I can’t believe some people however. People who say MJ was a Peodphile or anything bad because, lets just face it, we have no facts and all who say it are jus jealous IDIOTS! And all those who say we should jus get over his DEATH!? Im sure it would take a long time before anyone can just “Get over it”. That fact that he was a world wide phenomenon kind of doesn’t make it any easier (not that tat was a bad ting). His death Shoked the Whole world because he was loved by some many people beacuse he loved them. The fact people like jane, melia and wendelwende can say those spiteful things and say it is a good thing that he DIED! This shows you have no heart because it is not a good thing for anyone to die.

    I have 5 facts why MJ was a brillent role model (biblically speaking)
    1.He showed love by visiting all those who are less beneficial to us and helps them. He also humble because even though he was a singer he cared for those and did not think that caring for those was for others with a lower ranking than him. He did not think he was awesome because everyone admired him he just went on loving and being humble.
    2.Also he preached different messages in his songs such as “Look after the world and everyone and thing in it” in Heal the World. He gave many messages to everyone who listened to his song like how Paul preached many messages to all that wanted to listen.
    3.He loved everyone.
    4.He taught people to love and care for others in his songs like Jesus taught people to love others
    5.He wanted the best for others.

    Also the fact people say that he changed hisoface for attention should really find out about him. He changed his face coz his dad constantly told him tat he was ugly. Imagine your dad telling u tat u were ugly. Wat would u do? Wouldn’t you try and change your self so he can say u are beautiful/pretty/Handsome like everychild wants to hear.

    Long live MJ
    May you live forever in our Hearts

  32. Tori

    @wendelwende he might have been all of those things which by he way you cant inject oxycodon you smoke it . But michael Jackson was a wonderful guy he didnt want to change he had to

  33. rashin

    it was his personal life
    we love him because of he was legend not beecause of his personality

  34. michealjacksonisheaven

    Micheal is the best in the world i hope he is in heaven right now!

  35. Silver

    Michael Jackson wasnt a saint. He was human being. He surely was a sinner just like everyone in this world. Why you guys dont stop bothering this man? I mean, he wasnt perfect cause nobodys perfect. But look at him. He was gifted with incredible, unlimited, unstoppable, and untouchable talents, and he used them for kindness, all good things. He did inspire us to be a better person. He still does even until now. And he was really spiritual and believed in God in every single thing, word, and thought. I know he was loved by God and that He wanted him to be His messenger to spread love and peace to the world. This kind and sincere man deserves heaven. Im sure he does. Hes been free and carefree in heaven now. I know it for sure. God knows his heart and kindness the best. God has been there with him.

  36. BethMarie

    good riddence to a drug addicted pedophile, who cares how he died the good thing is that he’s dead

  37. BethMarie

    In the next world I don’t think it matters how much money or fame that you had, How you abused children though, yeah, I think that matters a lot. So I rest in the knowledge that he’s not famous Michael in the next world but he is just known as child abuser, and take advantage of family’s because of money….. Oh, I’m sure he’s paying right now. Let Give Conrad the keys to the city for protecting children!!!

  38. iluvmj!

    well he was a kind , loving human being so i really wish him heaven!! i hope he is in heaven! anyway its up to god! please pray for him ask god to accept him into heaven in jesus’ name!! shame , i only got to find out about him after he died and then i started to get into his music, his kindness his life in youtube ! iwatched loads of videos about him and his loving music! and when my time comes i hope god accepts me and when i get to heaven i hope to see him and then meet him and maby ( just maby) becaome good firends quite impossible because hes the king of pop and everything but we are goin to spend eternity in heaven so i can try and find him! so see you there michael jackson! oh and god!

  39. Michael Jackson es mi idolo,ojala isieran un juego donde hay que hacerle cirujia plastica pero que no tenga que descargarse solo entrar en alguna pagina web.