Evolution in the Bathroom

Evolution in the Bathroom - picture by Koert van Mensvoort

I have been conducting some attempts to backtrack the evolution of Gillette shaving razors appearing in my bathroom. Whereas older shavers were simple sticks with a blade on top, the recent models appear like fully accessorized Ferrari’s. I and my colleagues believe wet and electric shaving are developing itself towards a common evolutionary optimum, possibly closely related to vacuum cleaner design.

Unfortunately our collection still has some ‘missing links’ and furthermore, there are serious scientific doubts about the second razor from the left, which is believed to belong to a different sub-species. If you happen to have a razor in your bathroom you believe to be this missing link, we would highly appreciate it if you send it to us for investigation.

Mail your ‘missing link’ razor to:

Next Nature Research
t.a.v. Koert van Mensvoort MSc MFA
Eindhoven University of Technology, Industrial Design Department
PO Box 513

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