Light weeds

light weeds

Lightweeds is a project by Simon Heijdens and currently exhibited at the MoMA – part of the Design and the Elastic Mind exhibition.

The organisms – plants, weeds, trees – exist as a light-projection on the walls of the MoMA building. Their behaviour – growth, movement, pollentation or plant generation – is influenced by actual circumstances – weather and human movement – outside. Measured by sensors, the data directly influences the behaviour of the projected organisms.

“Nature is becoming rare in our daily life, as we pass most of the day in perpetual spaces with conditioned climates and 24 hour lighting that mute the relief of the day and year. When unplanned natural elements like a lifting breeze, a sudden shower or a setting sun are planned out of our surrounding, the timeline of our every day is lost.”

Simon Heijdens is a designer and artist, currently living in London where he teaches at the Interactive Design Department of the Royal College of Art.

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