Forefather Ox cloned to revive delicious Steak

Delicious Japanese beef cloned for delicious future steak
Delicious retro-future meat from Japan. Food technology in the overdrive.

Japanese researchers successfully cloned what is believed to have been the forefather ox of Gifu Prefecture’s delicious ‘Hidagyu’ beef. The successful cloning of the ox, which died in 1993 and was preserved by freezing, could help to revive cattle with higher quality meat.

According to the officials, Gifu Prefecture’s livestock research center and Kinki University in Osaka Prefecture have successfully developed cloning technology using testicular nuclei from oxen and unfertilized egg cells from cows. They first succeeded in creating a cloned ox in November 2007. Of the four cloned oxen created so far, three are alive, the officials said.

Next we start cloning dinosaurs to provide our kids with some delicious dinoburgers?

The original ox, named Yasufuku-go, is referred to as ‘the father of Hidagyu’ and is said to have been the progenitor of 30 percent or more of Japanese black cattle. About 150 cows with a direct blood connection to the ox have been born nationwide.”

Next we start cloning dinosaurs to provide our kids with some delicious hypernatural dinoburgers?

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