Lucky Fruits

A Chinese farmer, Gao Xianzhang, has invented baby-shaped buddha pears and he is planning to export his idea. The produce became a success in his local province since people seem to think the pear gives them good luck.  He has created a series of 10,000 this season and plans to take the fruits of his labour to the UK and Europe.

buddha pear mouldGao spent six years perfecting the intricate baby-shaped pears, carefully crafting each one which grows inside an individual mould. Based on his experience I can imagine a whole new range of moulded pears appearing from China.buddha pear mouldLuckily for Gao, he should have few problems getting his quirky shaped fruits past EU officials. In July, wonky shaped fruit and vegetables such as curvy cucumbers and knobbly carrots returned to supermarket shelves after EU rules restricting the size and shape of 36 types of fruit and vegetables (see Comeback of the ‘ugly’ fruits).

Via: Daily Mail. Related: How to grow an Orangina bottle | Cubic fruit | Modernistic watermelon

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