Book as Human-Computer Interface

In combining the classic feeling of handling a book with the interactivity of the computer, Waldek W?grzyn of the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, Poland, has created a new human-computer interface. His Electrolibraryproject connects the custom made book to a PC. Providing additional information, relevant to the page being viewed, on-screen. Turn a page in the book, and you “turn a page” on the website as well.

Inspired by a.o. David Small’s “Rethinking the book” (1999) and graphic designer El Lissitzky’s “The topography of typography” (1923), the latter also inspiring the design of the book, W?grzyn has created a novel interface (pun intended) that he envisions could be used for an interactive children’s book.

Complete with touch sensitive curcuits made by screen printing conductive paint onto the pages the book presents a new method for communicating information interactively.

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