Manufactured Animals

Does Chocolate Milk Come From Brown Cows?

“Of course not, chocolate milk is made from cocoa beans, some additives and white milk that a normal cow produced” answered the teacher to five-year-old Peter. However, the same teacher could be wrong in the near future. Genetic engineering is developing rapidly and may reach a level with unlimited possibilities.

Scientist already inserted genes into the DNA of cows that came from different species. Research has shown that this technology enables transgenic cows to produce a modified milk composition. For example, Chinese scientists revealed healthier milk with special therapeutic proteins produced by genetically modified cows.

Although chocolate milk producing cows may sound silly, scientists are seriously analyzing the feasibility of the idea. Why not add genes of cocoa and sugar to a cow, in order to create a cow that produces sweet chocolate milk? And how about other flavors, such as strawberry, peach or pineapple?

On the other hand, the ethical corners of this next nature idea should be considered. Genetic manipulation is the largest ethical problems that science has ever faced. Should we restructure nature for sweet chocolate milk from a cow? And what about the potential  breeding of new diseases? If genetically modified animals will be in our next nature, scientists should be extremely careful.

Whatever society decides, research about the possibilities of new animal products will continue. Eventually there will be enough benefits for humanity and the redesigning of animals will become part of our next nature.


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