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Indigenous Shopping in the Supermarket

Look at these incredible images of native Africans shopping in a supermarket in Opuwo, Namibia.

Two merging realities, different worlds overlapping inside that modern jungle we call supermarket. The situation is disorienting and absolutely fascinating.

They are part of the Himba tribe, living in the Kunene region of northern Namibia.
Himba are indigenous of about 20.000 to 50.000 semi nomadic and pastoral people. Young women walk daily for over 50 km to get supplies and needs. What do they buy? How do they pay?

Social contrasts, folkloristic dissonance, lifestyle confusion, mixture of traditions, blending of human cultures.

It might looks like they time traveled into our era, but in fact two different eras of civilization are overlying within the same contemporary environment. Possibly we can coexist and benefit from each other’s society.

Humans may have taken power of this planet and determined a predominant lifestyle, but it is good to understand that our modern way of living it is not the only one.

HIMBA_TouficBeyhumA la caisseQueue at the checkout. ShoppingSupermarchéSupermarketShopping

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Source: Jarmo Pohjaniemi

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