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Money of the Future Evening at Droog

Money is a concept that is constantly changing with time. It changes shape, meaning and systems. Tonight, June 23, in Amsterdam, Droog Foundation will host Money of the Future, an event with four international speakers that will explore new ideas and evolutions of money in the future.

One of these speakers is Lewis Just, Next Nature Network visionary economist. He will present the Eco Coin, an alternative currency designed to bring technology, biology and society closer together. This event will also contribute to a conceptual model for a future city which Droog’s Design+Desires program is developing.

Droog Foundation and Next Nature Network gladly invites you to come, listen and join the conversation! Find more info here.

Money of the Future evening @ Droog
Thursday, June 23 – 20:00 – 21:30
Hotel Droog – Staalstraat 7B Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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