Meat the Future

Cultured Meat Closer to Reality

If you take a quick look at Bistro In Vitro some of the dishes offered in this speculative restaurant menu may seem impossible or only doable in a far future. But new companies are seeing the potential of this technology to solve food scarcity, reduce pollution and offer cruelty free meat. One of these firms is Tyson Foods, the meat giant.

The company recently revealed its plans to form a new venture that will invest in start-ups working on food related problems such as production, nutrition and safety. They have already invested in a company that produces plant-based protein, and is eager to broad their scope to cover new technologies that help them meet the growing consumer demands and growth.

In order to become a reality, lab-grown meat needs to be developed further by scientists and to be well known by consumers, but it also needs the support of diverse stakeholders. The company that created the dinosaur chicken nuggets has taken a step in the right direction and is willing to invest in revolutionary technologies. Hopefully we are closer to make Bistro In Vitro a reality!

Source: ABC News. Image: Andreas Gursky

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