test Tube Baby
Artificial Womb

1978 – World’s First ‘Test Tube Baby’ Born

In November 1977 Lesley Brown underwent a radical procedure, a method invented by the cooperation of two English doctors that won a Nobel Prize in Medicine 33 years later. This procedure is called IVF, or in vitro fertilization. On the 25th of July 1978, Louise Joy Brown was born. She was a healthy infant of 2.608 kg and the world’s first test tube baby.

IVF is the process of fertilizing an egg with sperm outside the human body. “In vitro” means in glass. The process involves taking single or multiple eggs from a woman’s ovary and fertilize them with sperm in the lab. Then these eggs are kept to be nurtured for two to six days before being transferred into a woman’s uterus. Once the receiver of the fertilized egg is pregnant, the procedure is considered successful. IVF could be performed on the egg bearer herself, or a surrogate. It is one of the most effective methods against infertility and very widely used around the world.

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