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ECO coin goes back to school with a living lab at Erasmus University Rotterdam

The ECO coin recently was trialed at Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR), offering the sustainable currency a glimpse at student life. At the beginning of the academic year, a group of students called the Positive Change Agents took responsible for the design and implementation of the ECO coin economy. The group  launched the ECO coin during the Erasmus Sustainability Days, a completely student owned and organised event.

The ECO coin stand, busy with students claiming their rewards.

During these days staff and students alike could actively earn ECOs by completing up to 14 different sustainable activities like attending workshops, going vegan at lunch and donating old clothes. Earned ECOs could be spent on many different rewards including a weekend rental of a Tesla, dinner and drinks for 4 people at Rotterdam’s high-end organic restaurant Gare Du Nord, and a uniquely designed WasteBoard skateboard.

One of the top rewards, a Tesla was a big incentive for the students
A student earning an ECO for attending a Global goals workshop

Engaged contributors, active students and eager volunteers created a great buzz all around campus. A workshop was also run as part of the Sustainability Days that let students pitch their ideas for how to further improve the ECO coin for EUR and other universities alike. Students came up with innovative new business models, new ways to earn and spend coins as well as creative ways to verify sustainable actions have been carried out. Perhaps some day soon students will proudly display the amount of ECOs they have earned on their CVs to prove their sustainable knowledge and sustainable effort.

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