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An artificial skin to breathe underwater

Leanne Voshell

The human world often sees itself as separate from the rest of the natural world. Because we have deemed ourselves, ironically, as higher functioning beings …


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What food design can do

Eloïse Peredruk, Kelly van Gemert

Food design gives us a taste of innovation. It visualizes, speculates, challenges and problem-solves.

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Don't miss this multi-sensory solo expo by Studio Drift in NY

Leanne Voshell

Shimmering lights drifting as elm seeds in the wind, luminous strings of light shifting between man-made and natural structures, dandelion seeds melding with …

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Next Nature Magazine

Virtual influencers, living architecture and microbial fashion; our next nature is already here. It will always surprise, amaze and challenge us. It will never stop—and that’s a wonderful thing. Next Nature Magazine is the ultimate lifestyle guide that explores the changing relationship between people, nature and technology.

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