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Enter the memesphere

Laura van den Brink

Why memes might be the next tool to make sense of on our increasingly hybrid virtual and physical environment.


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How memes are evolving beyond the image

Chloë Arkenbout

The times where memes were geeky and funny, somewhat disturbing images have been over for years. Even a simple frog such as Pepe is not innocent anymore. Memes …

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Say My Meme

Laura van den Brink

If you’ve been only looking at memes, try listening to them for a change. In the podcast Say My Meme the world's most relevant memes are literally described to …

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New Evoluon

Good day astronauts of spaceship Earth. This is the pre-boarding announcement for Evoluon, their training facility to encourage humanity to work together as a harmonious crew — for the future generations to come.

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