Next Nature Academy

Thought-provoking talks, inspiring exhibitions and creative workshops; we offer the philosophy, tools and methods that will realize a paradigm shift with your audience. We help your team dream, build and live in a future in which biology and technology are merging. Are you in?

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Talks. Like no other.

How will we go to work, feed the planet or reproduce in the future? How does technology become nature? Our inspired creators and educators looove speaking about topics they own. No doubt, our talks will resonate for a while.

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Mobile Expos. At your event.

Tasting in vitro meat ice cream with Bistro in Vitro. Doing a job test with the HUBOT job agency for humans and robots. Technology shopping in the NANO Supermarket; our mobile expos materialize future scenarios and offer unique, immersive experiences that will make an impact.

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Workshops. Yet really creative.

Are you looking for a new way to discuss technology, facilitate brainstorms and catalyze innovative processes? Our creative workshops offer the tools and methods to generate stories for change: long term visions that help you better anticipate change.

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Serious Games. But playful.

Engage your office, event or community with an interactive experience working towards a desirable future for humanity and the planet as a whole. Empower your co-workers to become more sustainable in a playful manner with the ECO coin.

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