The Next Nature Academy offers the philosophy, the tools and the methods that will realize a paradigm shift in your thinking about nature and technology. We do this through inspiring lectures and interactive workshops, both open-call and in-house, for people and organizations.



  • 1-day course

    I want an introduction to the Next Nature philosophy and tools

    In this crash course you will be introduced to an inspiring new vision of a future in which biology and technology are merging. We offer you the philosophy, methods and tools and to better anticipate change, improve your future literacy and put this into practice. This course is perfect for an introduction to concepts such as speculative design, and will give your creativity a boost.

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  • 2-hour crashcourse

    Pyramid of Technology: a workshop-in-a box for small teams

    All of us are confronted with technological change. Yet, most of us are unaware how technologies are introduced, accepted or discarded within our society. This 2-hour dynamic crash course helps you better understand, discuss and conceptualize technology with the Pyramid of Technology. After this workshop, you will be able to work with the Pyramid of Technology in creative sessions and innovation processes where a human-centered and future forward approach to technology is needed.

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Bring the Next Nature Academy to your living room

  • THE Book

    This book will radically shift your notion of nature

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  • Workshop-in-a-box

    Catalyze innovation with the Pyramid of Technology

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  • Next Nature Memory

    This game introduces the Next Nature philosophy in a playful way

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  • Lecture

    What is Next Nature?

    Koert van Mensvoort explains what next nature is, and how we can dream, build and live in this ‘nature caused by humans’

  • Lecture

    How nature becomes technology

    Central tool in all our courses is the ‘Pyramid of Technology’, that visualizes how technology becomes nature and what we can learn from that…

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