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Flatscreen TV Now Required for Survival?

GRONINGEN (NL) – Low-income people in the Dutch city Groningen should be able to buy a flatscreen television, according to the alderman of social affairs Peter Verschuren. The politician of the left-wing party SP proposed to increase the compensation, low-income people receive as their tv set breaks down, from 170 euro to 450 euro, RTV Noord reports.

Unsurprisingly, members of the right-wing party VVD objected the higher compensation, which would allow the impecunious residents of the city to buy a 17 inch flatscreen television. However, according to the alderman, the increase to 450 euro would only lift the City’s compensation up to national standards set by the Dutch National institute of Budget information.

Apparently a flatscreen-TV set is considered a primary requirement for survival in the media-choked culture of the Netherlands? This might seem preposterous, but thinking about it a little longer, one realizes that in next nature the requirements of survival & success may indeed be very different than in old nature.

It is unknown what the low-income groups are expected to watch on their flatscreens. Evening news? Soaps? Nature documentaries? Somehow we feel they would be better off if they got a computer in order to survive the Dutch media landscape. After all, it is kinda hard to write an application letter on a television.

See also: Reflections in the Cave, Third Life, Breaking News: CNN shows CNN, TV Helmet. Thanks Marianne.

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Italians Do It Better

TERRACINA, Italy: Before Michele Assunto hauls in his fishing net from the banks of a reed-lined canal here, he uses a pole to push the garbage out of the way. “They really need to clean this up,” he growls. (Photograph: Claudio Palmisano).

Today, The International Herald Tribune published this article about Alan Berger, a landscape architecture professor at MIT who offers us an interesting view on dealing with heavily polluted areas in Latina, Italy.

‘The solution has to be as artificial as the place.’

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Paradise Now

Animation studios working in the field of architectural practice like Squint/Opera create glimpses of the future that are so beautifully convincing, you sometimes wonder if the future might not be a bit disappointing once you get there. Asking the question often means answering it, so it might be safe to state the future will be pretty boring.

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Boomeranged Metaphors

Design Your Sims

Ikea Sims

IKEA is going to sell furniture with Electronic Arts via The Sims 2 game. Soon, it will be possible for you game addicts, to refurbish your Sims living room into your own dreamcastle. Or, in the words of Mr. IKEA himself:

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Save The Tumor

Save The Tumor

Chantal Sebire suffers from an extremely rare form of cancer (foto: AFP)

Since a few centuries some we tend to consider nature as something to preserve. Hence the international campaigns for saving the rainforest, panda’s, the ozone layer and the korenwolf (a dutch animal living in the polder).

But who decides what part of nature should be preserved? Nobody seems to be interested in actively saving or preserving mosquitoes, tornado’s, crop-devouring locusts or in this case: tumors. Chantal Sébire, the lady on this picture, is fighting to get legal euthanasia in france. Tumors are a natural thing. We consider them a ‘flaw’ of nature, but a few hundred years ago, we might have considered them a punishment of God. Nature changes along with us.

Source: BBC

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Sentient Spaces

Wear Your Social Network

GetWicked shirt
Get Wickd (props for the name boys – totally wicked!) is a tech-fashion brand that sells basic clothes with barcodes that can link your mobile phone to any page on the web, from a Myspace profile to a Youtube movie. This technique makes it possible to literally wear your virtual identity, where ever you go.

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Föhn le fenêtre

Föhn le fenêtre

Tired of looking out on a grey wall and in dire need of a green touch? Then Föhn le fenêtre has got just what you need. The concept is simple enough: artist Karel Verhoeven offers you his services and in return you’ll get a lovely green view: he’ll decorate your windows with flowers, plants or thistles, which you can choose from a catalogue of 32 plants. What’s interesting about this project is that the selected plants are all part of the Ghent Altarpiece by the brothers Van Eyck. So not only will you get a greener view, you’ll also be the proud owner of a unique piece of art, not to forget that you’ll be supporting an artist.

Visit his stall at Vooruit during the game is up! and read more on www.liquidcactus.be. (reservations can be made from Wednesday 5 March on 0485/14.29.35)

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Treetrunk Trashcan

treetrunk trashcan

The Nanputo Temple in Xiamen (Southeast China) is an oasis of quietness, religious practice and leisure for Chinese amidst the hustle and bustle of one of the fastest growing economies is the world. From all over the country, pilgrims and tourists come to the temple to pray, enjoy climbing the numerous stone steps up the rock and enjoy their view over the city. They don’t want to have their experience of this harmonious environment spoilt by ugly things like trashcans, would you? But you have to leave your coke bottles and soymilk packages somewhere, so what do you do? Of course, you design a trashcan that beautifully mimics the trees surrounding it!

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Guided Growth

Dutch Nature


A few days ago, I went for a day trip walk to the Dutch “Great Outdoors”. It didn’t take long before we got confronted with a typical dutch stance on natural experience: a guy with a blowing machine, blowing leaves from the forest path—

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To boldly Google…

Google Sky

…where no one has googled before! Of course this would be possible one day: browsing the universe from your desktop. Google did it again and unlocks space, the final frontier for us mortals. What to do with this, I don’t know but if the map is the territory, I terribly need to take a leak.

Download the newest version of Google Earth here. See also Beyond the Beyond, Google Maps Mars and Surfing the Marble

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Out of Body Experience

out of body experience

Did you have your Out of Body Experience today?
We knew already that our nature is merely how we perceive it, but now scientists from the Ecole Polytechnique Federale in Lausanne have proven it. By creating a shift between our body as we feel it and as we see it, it is possible to alter our imagined perception of the Self.
I would say that the consequences of this little experiment are huge. In abstract terms, it means that the image of the Self is – or at least can be – a mediated one. The mythological Narcissus watched his own image reflected in the water. He could project himself into what he saw and fell in love. But he was in love with just an image. Now, we can fall in love with our phisical selves again. We can even ask our Self to scratch our backs. I’m scratching my head—

Watch the video on Youtube. See also Metaverse Roadmap, Avatar Machine, Playing Dreams.

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Intelligent Documentary Making

BBC doc

Our image of nature is permanently under construction. For Dutch biologist Gerdien De Jong, this became al too clear after watching The Life of Mammals, a series of nature documentaries by the famous David Attenborough and comparing his movies with the versions broadcasted by the EO, a dutch evangelical broadcasting organisation—

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The Seven Wonders of Nature

Natural Seven Wonders

After setting up the biggest online voting poll ever for electing seven new wonders of the world, the swiss-canadian filmmaker Bernard Weber set up a new poll: the election of seven new wonders of nature on www.natural7wonders.com.

To my humble opinion, this contest is not so much about nature itself – nature can deal with herself, she doesn’t need our approvement. This whole thing is much more about the image of nature. Because how on earth could I have any judgement upon all these natural sites that I never have visited? How should I rate the Grand Canyon above the Okavango river or even above the little bush behind the house I grew up that I used to play in? And what’s next? The New Seven Wonders of the Universe?

We dont really want to conserve nature.

We want to conserve our image of nature.

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Business is Peanuts!


We designers often have to exchange business cards and usually they sit in a drawer forever, forgotten and out of date. In Japan there is quite a ritual about exchanging meishi or business cards, and one must always treat it with respect, never just tossing it into your pocket. One would certainly treat these Taberu Me cards made by the company Arigatou well (at least until the giver was out of sight.) Taberu Me cards are created by laser engraving up to 700 characters per second onto hard organic materials like peanuts, beans, rice and pasta.And they are certainly biodegradable.

Taberu means eat and Me could either be an abbreviation of meishi (=business card) or me in English, in which case Taberu Me would be saying ‘Eat me’ ‘ a message you probably don’t want to convey to your new business partner at the first meeting. Regardless, a set of 150 Taberu Me cards costs 5,800 yen (around $50), which is mere peanuts considering the lasting impression you will make on your new counterparts.

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User Vaporated Content

User Vaporated Content

Today, I had the strangest experience. I visited the dutch MSN website (don’t ask me why) and found myself erasing al the content with a flick of my cursor. As I moved the cursor over any piece of content featured on the site, it would simply pop away and leave a blank space.

It must have been some bug in Safari or so, I have no other explanation. Or— would there be someting that this site didn’t like about my previous surfing behaviour? I don’t wan’t to sound too antropomorphic, but you get to think weird things if something like this happens to you. By the time I had moved my cursor all over the screen, all content had dissappeared. What lasted was a completely empty webpage. It felt like an unexpected encounter with a deer in the woods gazing back at you with brown eyes. I stared back for a second and continued my walk—

mazamedia.com | Related post: Schöne aussichten | see also: wibkepausch.com/stadt

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