Author: Jurrian

Back to the Tribe

Bare necessities

According to a research by JWT AnxietyIndex the changing mediascape is upon us. Do to the recession people are forced to validate their luxuries and it turned out that teens and twentysomethings…

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Logo landscape

As you walk through the corporate jungle you notice that it is a hectic place, but sometimes it can be quiet and peaceful. Then you’ll see pumas next to crocodiles and bunny…

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As smart as mice.

When you think of solving mazes, you think of mice. Mice have been use to do science for ages. In turns out that mice are not the only beings that can solve…

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Hans Wilschut Rock 2007
Back to the Tribe

Where cavemen live?

Rock 2007. Peculiar image of the week by Hans Wilschut. Made in Shanghai. If you know more about the orgins of the building: let us know. Thanks to Vivid Gallery, Rotterdam, NL.…

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With this project, Nadeem Haidary is trying to make life’s facts more tangible by creating products that tell you facts and statistics about the context that the item is designed for. In…

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USB Finger

No this isn’t photoshopped. After a motor accident Finish hacker Jerry Jalava decided not to use a normal prosthesis andĀ felt that a prosthesis usb memory stick would enhance his life. Maybe…

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