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Mechanical Cheetah


Artist Andrew Chase creates kinetic sculptures of animals. He has studied these animals intensively. After his analysis he created copies of these animals in metal with mechanics to mimic the movements of these animals. You can see the cheetah in action. He also created an elephant and giraffe out of mechanical metal parts. A fascinating way of copying old nature – suit for yourself if there is some deeper meaning – in waste metals.

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Information Decoration

A day made of glass

This video shows the design vision of Corning, a company that specializes in glass. Not just any glass, but glass incorporating technology, electronics and displays. And it sure shows in their videoclip. But it makes me wonder, what extra value can glass have that makes it so suitable for the future?

The video presents an endless amount of displays and huge stocks of data that all have to be organized by different systems. These systems all connect to each other and when the information is presented to the user, the user still has to make choices, such as manipulating photographs or hitting the snooze button, and organize the information on different displays and handheld devices.

Computers were invented to perform tasks faster and make life easier. Looking at this video I get the impression that this version of the future actually makes life harder by overwhelming the users with functionality.  A transparent vision, but how fragile will it turn out to be?

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