Author: Jan van der Asdonk


Urban Tumbleweed – Next Nature’s Trash

Urban Tumbleweed

Yesterday’s leaves are being replaced by today’s garbage. This garbage is turning into a natural feature of our environment. Urban garbage, as it’s called, is becoming our next nature. It is invading our streets like a modern tumbleweed, effectively creating a phenomenon known as Urban Tumbleweed.

This Urban Tumbleweed creates a footprint of a city. To illustrate this footprint, Urban Tumbleweeds were constructed using genuine trash from the streets of both DĂĽsseldorf and Eindhoven. Though the results appear similar, they offer a lot of detail when being observed from a closer perspective.

The question remains: what would Urban Tumbleweed from another continent look like?

Created by: Jan van der Asdonk, Guus Baggermans and Brian Garret Schuur.

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Untitled Sound Objects

Untitled Sound Objects
Pe Lang and Zimoun have created a range of sound objects, also referred to as the Untitled Sound Objects. These sound objects are mainly triggered by simple vibration motors, however the artists try to create very organic experiences. These art installations may remind us of the work of Floris Kaayk with his Order Electrus, in which computer generated bugs come alive, however in these sound experiments it’s real components that start to behave rather nature like. Both in the sound they produce and the way things move and behave.

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