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The Animal Sweater

Jungle 1

The pattern on the Animal Sweater suggests a new way to experience commercial imagery. The Animal sweater, designed by Karl Grandin, was first shown at The Biggest Visual Power Show in Zollverein, Germany in 2006. The images here are from the Sandberg Institute’s New Work show in Amsterdam in September 2006. Check out the Animal site.

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A new series of works by artist Hyungkoo Lee called “Animatus” features hand-fabricated skeletons of cartoon characters along with detailed anatomical drawings. According to the artist, the Animatus series started with the “intention to analyze anatomical structures and physical forms of animation characters, within the hypothesis to visualize their possible anatomical foundation.” Lee constructs the skeletons using a hybrid mix of real animal bones and synthetic materials.



More at Arario Gallery | Related post: Extinct Comic, PictoOrphanage

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Fruit Tape


Gummed tape with a fruit-like print on its surface. The tape reminds us of the feeling of peeling fruit when opening a box. A design for opening, rather than packaging.

Designed by Nendo

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Typing With Water

Water Text

A technique developed by the German Claus Winterfor an installation artist makes whatever word you type into a computer visible by a “water-curtain”. The video shows the World premiere during the Nuit Blanche in Paris on October 5th. The theme for the presentation was “Paris” itself and words that different artists associate with it.

Check it out!

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The infoBreath

Bild 1.jpg

A flower arcing from a frosted pane of glass. Rigged with a breath sensor and connected to an internet packet sniffer, the flower is cued in to the wireless network flowing in the space immediately surrounding it. Breathing onto the flower triggers a flurry of text, making visible the wireless internet traffic passing through the air. The plant absorbs this information, analyzing the bytes of data for those aspects that seem more alive, or human-generated, and releases those packets in a more human-comprehensible form.

Check it out.

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Information Decoration

Digital Stock Market Garden


The Ticker Garden is a stand-alone data visualization application that monitors a stock portfolio. Different flowers represent the real-time performance of selected stocks via the color, height, & radian of animated blossom flowers. A flower grows from the ground and stops at the height reflecting its share price – the higher the stock price, the higher the ‘flower stem’. As soon as it reaches the top, it begins to blossom fan-wise to the degree that reflects the percentage of price change. The color a direction of a blossom indicates a particular stock’s status of ascent or descent in price compared to its previous trading day. A flying bee will show up around a flower if there is recent news of that particular stock.


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‘Woodcat’ by Tunng

Bild 2.jpg

I know, this is a nice piece of fantasy rather than Next Natureâ„¢, but still, you gotta love it. Directed by Jan Urbanowski and Jethro Haynes, animation by

Check out the video!

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Fruit-flavoured Breathing


A group of manufacturers are selling canned oxygen. It comes in flavors and it’s a bit like bottled water: a thing that you can get for free but might pay for anyway. But why breathe flavorless, odorless oxygen; when you can have the Mountain Breeze, or Mint Escape. They rae are creating all sorts of flavors and essences to add to their oxygen products including lemon, eucalyptus, cherry, mint, and a host of others. The market has proven that ideas such as this – built on a foundation of being pure, fresh, and clean – can be a huge success.

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Manufactured Animals

Penguin Fashion

penguin.jpgPenguin Crü

In January 2000 an oil spill near Phillip Island, Australia, threatened the tiny penguins who live there. The penguins’ home was already at risk – in the past 80 years, the penguins have lost more than 3/4 of their Phillip Island breeding area, mostly as a result of human actions.

Dressing the penguins in doll sweaters proved to be a successful technique to keep the penguins warm and to stop them from swallowing oil. The birds’ feathers are coated in natural oils that keep them warm and waterproof. The oil from the spill destroys the animals’ natural oils. Penguins also clean and smooth their feathers using their beaks. If a penguin preens after an oil spill, it will swallow poisonous oil, and probably die.

Knitters in Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States set to work, some adding special touches, like little bows or knitting the sweaters in the colors of their favorite sports teams.

Thanks to the hard work of volunteers, the Phillip Island Nature Park now has more penguin sweaters than penguins who need sweaters. But all involved hope that this unique effort will inspire ways to help other marine wildlife.

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We Love You Lucy


Lucy the Margate Elephant is a New Jersey landmark built in 1881. Pilgrims came from all around to gaze in wide wonder at the Elephant god (after gambling). The back of this beautiful postcard from Atlantic City, New Jersey, 1950’s, reads:

The only elephant in the world you can go through and come out alive. This famous building was erected in 1885. The elephant contains ten rooms; its interior is visited by thousands.

Check her out!

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Manufactured Animals

Cat Power


Athanasius Kircher first described the cat piano in his landmark 1650 work Musurgia Universalis. In order to raise the spirits of an Italian prince burdened by the cares of his position, a musician created a cat piano for him. The musician selected cats whose natural voices were at different pitches and arranged them in cages, side by side, so that when a key on the piano was depressed, a mechanism drove a sharp spike into the appropriate cat’s tail. The result was a wondrous melody of meows that became more vigorous as the cats became more and more desperate. Who could not help but laugh at such music? Thus was the prince raised from his melancholy.

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Sometimes this Old Nature thing seems so foreign and mysterious. Fortunately Next Nature is just around the corner! Check out this sweet site about deep-sea and oceanic life.

Explore the abyss

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From Silver Screen to Computer Screen

Sims Gown 1Sims Gown 2

Fans of The Sims video game spent the Oscar Sunday evening making virtual copies of the red carpet fashions worn by Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon, contender Keira Knightley and presenter and trend setter Jennifer Lopez, then offering them for free trade Monday.

Players of The Sims games create and control simulated people, doing everything from dressing them to guiding them through social situations. Of the Oscar dresses made available for free download on the game’s community website Knightley’s aubergine Vera Wang sheath was the most downloaded, followed by the virtual rendition of Witherspoon’s original Christian Dior Haute Couture dress.

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