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Mathilde is working on various Next Nature projects, helping at events, building exhibitions and conceptualizing projects.
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Plants Grow Along Highways
Suburban Utopia

Sea Delicatessen Grow Along Highways

With winter just around the corner, salt trucks are getting ready to hit the road spreading tons of salt. Ice free asphalt is necessary to drive safely and keep transports running. However, often the salt is scattered also on the soil surrounding the roads, harming the local vegetation. Though there is an unexpected side effect: delicious salt-tolerant plants from the coast are now growing alongside the highway.

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Manufactured Animals

A Taste of RoboBee Honey

Bees are dying at an alarming rate, with radical consequences for humans too since these insects are essential to our food production. Without bees pollinating flowers, we could not have strawberries, peppers and apples on the supermarket shelves. While most scientists are focusing on keeping bees alive, Wyss Institute researchers at Harvard are developing a replacement for bees: RoboBees.

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A report on the Empowered by Robots conference during DDW16, demonstrating fruitful collaboration between humans and robots.
Next Nature

Empowered by Robots Event Report

Charlie Chaplin in ‘Modern Times’ being fed by a futuristic robot in a clumsy, yet dominating manner, was the opening scene of the Empowered by Robots conference held on October 25 at Klokgebouw, in Eindhoven. Chaplin confronts us with our fear for upcoming technologies. Koert van Mensvoort, Next Nature Network director and moderator of the event, opened the congress with this video to prove the contrary: we need to take the best features of humans and robots and demonstrate we can become colleagues.

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The Empowered by Robots conference takes place on the 25th of October in the Klokgebouw in Eindhoven.
Next Nature

Empowered by Robots Event at DDW16

‘Robotisation’, ‘Robots taking our jobs’, ‘Human replaced by a machine’ is what we often read in the newspapers. Whereas news items mainly focus on robots taking our jobs, we would like to show to other side of the same story. Empowered by Robots is a congress during the Dutch Design Week that explores the optimistic side of future employment. Besides that, Koert van Mensvoort has an exciting announcement to make.

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Society of Simulations

Flip-Flop Selfie

Taking a selfie is not as obvious as it might seem. About five billion people, of the 7.4 living on our planet, don’t own a smartphone. These two boys use the nap of their flip-flop as a camera to take an imaginary selfie. Still, their selfie went viral and became our peculiar image of the week.

Image via Volkskrant

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