Author: Orestis Tsinalis


The Right to Privacy

Privacy is a right. A right given to people by telecommunications companies and social networking websites. It can be described by multiple-choice lists of settings. And it seems that people are extremely willing to downgrade their notion of privacy to the level of the visibility of their social media feed or the confidentiality of their recent viral video viewing history in order to fit the various trending models. Which naturally leads to the question of whether anybody can explain what their privacy is about.

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Old People as Old Nature

Two grannies assessing the milk productivity of two goats by means of a chart: this is the story of the commercial behind this screenshot. The first granny is a data analysis savvy; the other is just a late (and most likely unconvinced) adopter. The product is of no interest here; what’s interesting is the discovery of yet another trend of biomimicmarketing. Advertisers, after exhausting every possible living thing as a symbol of originality and naturalness, picked up their next victim: old people. This is not an altogether brand new ad strategy, but recently there happens to be a twist in it.

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Natural-Born Junkies

Hippopotamus: a 2,5cm-long tablet-shaped nonliving chewable animal, member of a multi-species flock known as the Animal Parade, which tastes like fruit and is found in little pill boxes on supermarket shelves.

This definition of hippopotamus might seem exaggerated or even a bit ridiculous, and surely unnatural; but I’m afraid it is not, especially for little children. Supermarkets, pharmacies, and online ‘health’ stores are fraught with food (or energy if you prefer) supplements and their rapidly growing sub-category of specialized supplements for children, in which flora, fauna, chemistry and advertising blend together forming the strange nutritional abnormalities of the aforementioned kind.

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Cultivating the Money-verse

Alright, we were mistaken. Money isn’t virtual after all.  A recent TV commercial of a Greek bank shed light on the issue. Your money lives, is anthropomorphic and inhabits an earth-like world. And if you trust this particular bank’s services, your money’s environment will be turned into a ‘green’, sustainable and safe paradise, and the money will mate thoughtfully and reproduce optimally thus creating a happy family. Eventually, all this process will fill you with pride as a new age farmer of your personal money-verse.

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How does your Graph feel today?

With all the new health management gadgets available becoming more and more widespread and cheap (even in the form of free iPhone apps),  your brain, your stomach, your heart, your lungs, and your muscles can finally talk to you in the familiar language of graphs, diagrams, and spreadsheets.

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