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Mobile garden

Mobile garden

No green area’s in your neighborhood? Well, this mobile community garden might be a solution. You can take it to your office, park it on a suburban industrial zone, pick your fresh vegetables for your lunch, meet (and talk! to) your neighbors and drive it away as soon as problems with local bureaucrats occur.

This project is an initiative by Annechien Meier, found via Bieslog.

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Light weeds

light weeds

Lightweeds is a project by Simon Heijdens and currently exhibited at the MoMA – part of the Design and the Elastic Mind exhibition.

The organisms – plants, weeds, trees – exist as a light-projection on the walls of the MoMA building. Their behaviour – growth, movement, pollentation or plant generation – is influenced by actual circumstances – weather and human movement – outside. Measured by sensors, the data directly influences the behaviour of the projected organisms.

“Nature is becoming rare in our daily life, as we pass most of the day in perpetual spaces with conditioned climates and 24 hour lighting that mute the relief of the day and year. When unplanned natural elements like a lifting breeze, a sudden shower or a setting sun are planned out of our surrounding, the timeline of our every day is lost.”

Simon Heijdens is a designer and artist, currently living in London where he teaches at the Interactive Design Department of the Royal College of Art.

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Manufactured Animals

Next Rabbit

This is not a 3-D-animation of a fictional creature, but an actual existing animal: the Angora Rabbit. Is this what happens when we over breed animals? Or, is this the result of having too much time on your hands?

Somehow I came across these pictures via this and site which eventually led to this curious source. Apparently there are four breeds of Angora rabbits: English Angora, French Angora, Giant Angora and Satin Angora. English and French were the original breeds, Satin and Giant were introduced in the late 1980s. Check the American Rabbit Breeder’s Association’s site for more info.

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Tail communicator

LED dog tail communicator

‘The LED Dog Tail Communicator’ is an initiative of James Auger and Jimmy Loizeau, and it is part of the larger ‘Augmented Animals’ project. Its focus points to technological innovations which are equally appreciated and used by animals’, according to the artists.

“When animals are domesticated they enter an uncertain territory between the natural and the artificial. They must live within human terms and conditions, dislocated from their original environment, often leading a frustrating life. Many animals have developed ingenious mechanisms of defense, and with the help of technology they can overcome evolutionary shortfalls.” The LED Dog Tail Communicator spells out in human words the different messages that a dog wants to convey via the different speeds of its wagging tail, enabling new forms of communication between animal and humans.

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Global warming sales

Global warming sales
The current value of the US-dollar is warming up our globe.. An inventive shop owner in Chelsea (NYC) stuck this advertisement on the window of his shop. What you cannot see is a small sign in the right corner of his shopping window which said: ** ‘We do accept Euro’s!” **

Note the text on the t-shirt above: Death to digital!

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Back to the Tribe

If the earth is not round..

The convincing tone of the Iraqi Astronomy researcher Fadhel Al-Sa’d in his elaboration on the shape of the earth in an Iraqi television show, is just as ridiculous as it is impressive. Nonetheless, some established modern ‘information society’ thinkers agree with him that the world is flat (well, metaphorically that is).

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Remember nature? Fake or real?

Visiting the American Natural History Museum in New York, I pictured myself in about, let’s say 150 years from now, trying to explain my younger family members what nature looked like in 2008. Pointing at the 2-d icons and – without glancing at the list of names corresponding with the numbers – recalling names of the birds that are extinct. I also would explain my memories as a child, making these boxes – a little less professional, but nonetheless beautiful – myself. Wandering around in the forest picking up pieces of flora and fauna that got carefully displayed in a shoe-box sized diorama..

diorama natural history museum nyc

Would this be the future of nature? Looking at diorama lightboxes and trying to compare the numbers of the 2d-icons with the ‘real thing’ in the box?

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Effects of citrus smell and mosquito noise

mosquito buzzer
Recently, two new inventions have been developed. One, the mosquito-buzzer produces a 5 or 6 KHz buzz, which is (or should be) only audible for people under 25 years old. A perfect invention to chase street-kids or youth away from public spaces. The recent phenomena of removing irritating retired/elderly people from the street, hasn’t been tackled yet. Watch this video for a proper demonstration.

Another natural invention is quite astonishing too; there have been some successful tests with spreading citrus smell in detention-centers to make ‘prisoners’ feel more happy and cleaner. The Dutch producer gives the following answer to the question:

“Are prisoners voluntarily exposed to your smelly gas?”

“Well, well, well, smelly gas, that’s a bit too much. Daily, 4 liters of citrus smell are spread out in a detention center in Rotterdam, that’s a very low dose. And the effects are astonishing. The prisoners sing and whistle all day long”

See articles in De Volkskrant and in pzc.

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Dutch water-management – mud obsession..


Once the Dutch became famous for their ‘water-management’. Lately, their famous ‘trick’ turned into an obsession for mud, resulting into several experiments in and around Dubai. The so called innovation platform – an independent think-tank for innovation in the Netherlands – wants to spread Dutch fame (or mud) even further.
Arnouds post about the Tulip island reached a next level. In this movie the innovation platform presented their new ideas – referred to by bieslog as a new form of ‘horizon pollution’.

Go here to watch the movie in English.

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Back to the Tribe

Deep in the Forest : Owls, Logs and Noise

ilog range

Starting as noise makers, the owlproject work on different products which are deeply rooted in nature. And electronics.With their logs the owlproject travel around the world, producing noisy shows on several sound and media festivals. But, when you don’t have the chance to see them perform live, it’s possible you also can order your customized log online. Feel the nature and test it yourself!

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