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Lucky Fruits

A Chinese farmer, Gao Xianzhang, has invented baby-shaped buddha pears and he is planning to export his idea. The produce became a success in his local province since people seem to think the pear gives them good luck.  He has created a series of 10,000 this season and plans to take the fruits of his labour to the UK and Europe.

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The next step in biomimetic body extentions for propelling yourself through water. Man moves on from copying ducks to become a dolphin-like cyborg. With these fins you can be faster and more acrobatic as they promise to launch you out of the water.

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Bionic Pinguins

Festo Bionic Learning Lab demonstrates their new technologies inspired by nature. Another step towards artificial pets replacing extincted animals, or just an exposé of scientific ability?

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Multifunctional city farming

Public Farm One

This installation in P.S. 1 countryard (NY) serves as a music stage, leisure space and a vertical public farm. It grows – amongst others – peas, mint, rhubarb, and fennel. Cardboard tubes from concrete casting are used as planters while structural columns contain phone-charging stations and juice dispensers.

It is one of the 99 actions that investigate positive change in contemporary cities around the world, exhibited at the Canadian Centre for Architecture.

Public Farm One is a project by WORK Architecture Company.

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