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We offer six exciting themes with various talks, workshops and mobile exhibitions. Joannet knows all about our activities and is here to help. She can guide you through our topics and discuss the wishes and needs of your organisation. Contact Joannet via +31(0)202613853 or business[at]

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Joannet Peeters

Office Manager
  • How to dream, build and live in a next nature?

    • Talk ‘Real Nature Is Not Green’
    • Workshop ‘Pyramid of Technology’
    • VR Experience ‘Next Habitat’

    Info + Booking
  • How can we design the most intimate of technologies: food?

    • Talk ‘Meat the Future’
    • Workshop ‘Envisioning Food Futures’
    • Expo ‘Bistro in Vitro’

    Info + Booking
  • How to balance economy and ecology?

    • Talk ‘ECO Coin’
    • Workshop ‘Connecting Economy and Ecology’
    • Festival Currency

    Info + Booking
  • How does nanotechnology impact our everyday life?

    • Talk ‘NANO Supermarket’
    • Workshop ‘Products from the Future’
    • Expo ‘NANO Supermarket’

    Info + Booking
  • How will we work in the future?

    • Talk ‘The Future of Work’
    • Workshop ‘Jobs of the Future’
    • Expo ‘HUBOT: Job Agency for People and Robots’

    Info + Booking
  • How will our reproductive future look like?

    • Talk ‘Reprodutopia’
    • Workshop ‘Envisioning the Womb’
    • Expo ‘Reprodutopia Clinic’

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