Next Nature Network offers various services aimed at sharing our vision and knowledge with the world. You can use our expertise gained from different activities, projects and researches in the form of lectures and workshops, as well as traveling exhibitions that can be rented for your festival, conference or event. Below an overview of what we can offer. For more information about our (tailored) services, please contact office[at]


Searching for an inspiring speaker for your conference, seminar, university event or festival? We have various experts available to lecture on the next nature philosophy, or on specific projects. Depending on audience, size, location and budget we can suggest the right speaker for your needs. Read more.


In need for an original and engaging expo for your festival, conference, company or museum? NNN developed various mobile expos that travel around the world, from a ice cream cart serving six thrilling flavors of meat ice cream to a guided tour in virtual reality to a supermarket presenting nanotech products from the future. Read more.


Are you looking for a inspiring way to discuss technology, facilitate brainstorming and catalyze innovative processes? We hosts a range of workshops around the Next Nature philosophy and the Pyramid of Technology model, which can be tailored to your specific needs. Read more.


Want to educate people in the next nature way of thinking? The Next Nature Memory Game it’s just right for you! Including a free workshop to download and use in class rooms, this educational workshop will help the next generation of thinkers, researchers and innovators to develop their own opinion on nature, humans and technology. Read more.


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