In need for an original and engaging expo for your festival, conference, company or museum? NNN developed various mobile expos that travel around the world:

1. Next Nature Habitat VR

To help us understand our world, we built an immersive experience that allows us to travel through different environments where we might live in someday. We invite you to step inside our virtual reality guided tour to discover these four scenarios and join the discussion on our possible future habitat – for the humans living in the next nature.

2. NANO Supermarket

The NANO Supermarket exhibition is disguised as a supermarket featuring speculative nanotech products made by artists and designers that may hit the shelves within the next ten years. This mobile expo is available in two different formats: the NANO Supermarket bus and the NANO Supermarket indoor exhibition (adaptable to different spaces). If you want to host the NANO Supermarket at your event, festival, school or institution, please download one of the info sheets below:

3. Bistro In Vitro (Expo and Ice Cart)

We need to talk about meat: our Meat the Future exhibition explores the potential impact of lab-grown meat on our culinary culture. Set up as a restaurant of the future, the expo serves 30 exquisite dishes cooked to the highest standards using a revolutionary new ingredient: in vitro meat.

The Bistro In Vitro mobile Ice Cream Cart gives you the chance to taste one recipe from our In Vitro Meat Cookbook. You can choose among six flavors: meat fruit, polar bear, bacon, ice queen, dragon and chocopanda. The aim is to discuss what your opinion is on the future of in vitro meat.


All exhibitions can be customized to meet your needs. To maximize impact we recommend combining our exhibitions with our workshops.

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