If you would have shown this picture to people 50 years ago, they might have imagined it to be one of those promised 21th century space stations encircling some alien planet in deep space. And then you wake up and find out it is an indoor beach in eastern Germany, where tourist are seeking to overcome their autumn melancholia.


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  • Yes, what Chris said. This is actually an investment ruin, formerly the largest airship hangar in the world, built and owned by "Cargolifter" to build very large airships for heavy lifting and transport. The building is called Aerium. They got a lot of state subsidies before going belly-up. As a condition of the subsidies they had to built their plant in the middle-of-nowhere. Interestingly the ridiculous wellness oasis is owned and operated by a Malaysian company. Visitor numbers are half of what they need to be to cover costs...so if you are looking for a really big hall in the middle of nowhere, watch this space.... http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aerium

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  • ...planned to build the so called "cargolifter".

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