Old nature provided us with a wide variety of food: fresh milk, crispy vegetables, nutritious meat. Yet this is not enough, we want more:

We want a printed steak, square fishsticks, dinosaur nuggets, organic coca-cola, hyper fruit, cloned meat, potato-free potato chips, frankenwein, vegetarian hamburgers and hypernatural tomatoes. We want vitamine+Q10 yoghurt that makes you loose weight. We want to hear the sound of a sausage when we bite it – we want notice how well designed that sausage sound really is.

Already for thousands of years people have been food designers. How will food technology develop itself into the 21th century? The Philips Food Design Probes investigate how we will eat and source our food in the future, like in 15 to 20 years. There are 3 products we might have in our homes by then:

The Philips Food Printer

The Philips Food Printer, depicted above, brings molecular gastronomy to your kitchen. “Feed” is with some ingredients, pick a shape, let it print … and voilà your amazing 3D dish is ready. We hope the opensource 3D recipes that will be available soon.


The Biosphere Home Farm

The Biosphere Home Farm is your fridge of the future. A mini ecosystem containing fish, plants that allows you to have your food fresh the Philips biosphere Home Farm. It’s a 21st century aquarium crossed with stylish shelving unit, it contains fish, plants and other mini ecosystems.


The Nutrition Monitor

It basically has 3 parts, a sensor which you have to swallow, a scanner which can measure the nutritional value of food and a display device. So you’ll exactly know what your body needs and what kind of effect your food will have on it.

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  • thanks for this post, hope to see your next soon

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  • Wonderful project Ken! This seems to be more often than not the case with the Philips design probes, that their concepts are clearly inspired on works that have been conducted earlier in a more artistic setting and then trickle down into more applied design proposals.

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  • Phillips has a wonderful design concept and this is a stunning 3D model. Farm Fountain has been producing fish and vegetable in our home for 2 years. Yum! http://farmfountain.com/

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