Beyond being little umami bombs, mushrooms are: protein-packed and nutritious. But here's the pitfall: their cultivation can be pricy. Especially gourmet mushrooms such as chanterelles and shiitake. These need to be cultivated in individual bags or containers rather than large beds, which requires specialised human attention. This reliance on human labour inevitably translates into higher operational costs. But agtech visionary Jamie Balsillie and robotic engineering student Wilson Ruotolo, want to change this. How? A robotic fungi farm.

Their startup Hedgehog isn't just playing games—it's betting big on tech. They're swapping out human hands for robotic arms to eliminate the cost of human labour, and use both AI and machine learning to create the optimal environments for farming mushrooms. Hedgehog envisions establishing nationwide networks of robotic farms, strategically situated to minimize shipping distances and bring mushrooms closer to their destination. Their mission? Cultivating and gathering gourmet mushrooms at a cost that is only a third of what traditional farming requires.

Looking ahead, the co-founders hold aspirations of expanding their robotic farm model to embrace a diverse array of crops, cultivating them sustainably. This project highlights the potential of technology to reshape our relationship with nature, promoting sustainability, innovation, and a forward-looking coexistence between humans and the environment.

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