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Van Mensvoort Kicks Off the Digi Challenge

How to ensure a digital world that’s desirable for everyone? The Digi Challenge is a day for and by professionals, companies and volunteers, during which you gain inspiration and insights for a better future. NNN director Koert van Mensvoort kicks off the program to fuel your day. Meet new parties, share knowledge and work together to take the next step. Sign up here.

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'Circumventive Organs' explores bioprinting as a possibility for new organs.

Meet the Organ Designer at Fotodok

Now that organ printing is a reality, we can start designing body parts as well. And this where the Organ Designer comes in. This profession is one of the 16 speculative jobs from HUBOT, the job agency for people and robots, and will be on display as part of the Why Work? exhibition at Fotodok in Utrecht, opening on March 9th. Members bring a guest for free! Want to learn more about this job? Then visit our virtual office. Want to find out if this working position suits you? Take our jobtest!

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Next Nature

The return of Rayfish Footwear?

Rayfish Footwear was a fictional company that offered personalized sneakers crafted from genetically modified stingray leather. This online science fiction story allowed customers to grow and design their own sneaker from a genetically modified fish, to question our (often all too consumptive) relationship with animals. Now, the company fiction is back: Catch Rayfish as part of FAKE at the Science Gallery in Dublin.

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Office Garden

Koert van Mensvoort presents HUBOT in Leeuwarden, the cultural capital of Europe

Hello Leeuwarden, the robots are coming, and so is Koert van Mensvoort! The creative director of Next Nature Network (and HUBOT) will present his vision on future work during the next IepenUp, a multidisciplinary program in the cultural capital to explore how we will live in a rapidly changing world. The event is free of charge and takes place on 21 February, at 7.30pm. Looking for more? Take the HUBOT jobtest and discuss your future job with Koert!

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Wild Systems

100.000 ECOs earned at ECO coin’s Living Lab with

After last year’s successful Living labs at DGTL and Welcome to the Village we started 2018 with another. This time with at their Annual Meeting in January where over 8000 employees attended. The ECO coin team produced a tailor-made program to encourage attendees of the event to become more aware of sustainability and community inclusive activities but also to earn ECOs by participating in them. In total over 100,000 ECO coins were earned!

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Manufactured Landscapes

Sandra Rey wins ECO Coin Award

In 2015 we handed out our first ECO Coin award to Yoyo Yogasamana for his digitalization of sustainable knowledge to preserve more than 130 existing rice varieties without any use of insecticides. In 2016 the award was given to Dave Hakkens for his ambitious open source precious plastics recycling machine. This year we have had entries from around the world and have interviewed our top three candidates: Shubendhu Sharma for his Tiny Forrests initiative, Ritsert Mans and Peter Mooij for their algae powered bike and Sandra Rey for her work in the field of bioluminescence. It has been difficult to choose but we are delighted to announce that Sandra Rey is our 2017 ECO Coin Award winner.

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