Future Food Design Awards
Food Technology

Call for Entries: Future Food Design Awards

During the Dutch Design Week in October we will celebrate the inaugural edition of the Future Food Design Awards. This international event will showcase and award innovative designs for a sustainable food production, and your project might be the winner!

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Next Nature

Celebrate World WiFi Day

Happy World WiFi Day! Today, there are still 4 billion people around the world with no Internet access, that’s why this global initiative sets out to bridge the digital divide by urging the industry’s biggest names to connect the unconnected. In searching for connectivity, NNN developed the WiFi Angels app, a smartphone application to experience electromagnetic radiations by turning the WiFi networks around you into a choir of singing angels. Download it for free on your Android smartphone. Next time when you search for WiFi, just follow the angels.

Intimate Technology

Last Month to Submit Your One Minute Video

Hello filmmakers, hello video enthusiasts! Always wanted to have your work featured online? NNN is curating the September 2017 edition of The One Minutes series on the theme Intimate Technology. Send your one minute long video and explore with us how advanced technologies are changing the relationship with our body, environment and sexuality. Ask yourself, how far do we allow technology to go? And how close to the skin can it get? Hurry up, the deadline is July 15. Submit your work here.

Nextnature Event

Join the Artificial Womb Workshop

NNN is currently researching the concept, societal impact and challenges of the artificial womb. The goal of this project is to develop thought-provoking scenarios that facilitate a much-needed discussion on the way technology radically alters our attitude towards reproduction, gender, relationships and love in the 21st century. Want to know more? Join the Artificial Womb workshop at Border Sessions, on June 28 in The Hague, to build new narratives around assisted reproductive technologies, explore new cultures and craft your own piece of design fiction.

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nnn expo Next Nature Habitat at VR Days Europe
Next Nature

NNN at Castle Maurick

Imagine a castle where you can take a virtual guided tour to future living environments while eating meat ice cream. Imagine that same castle hosting a supermarket from the future with a group of experts explaining everything about its products. This dream-like scenario is about to come true! On Wednesday June 14, from 14:00, you can find all three mobile expos (Next Nature Habitat VR, Bistro In Vitro Ice Cream Cart and NANO Supermarket) at Kasteel Maurick in Vught, The Netherlands. NNN was invited on behalf of Directeuren Netwerk Festival, an annual event focussing on our rapidly changing world. Our team of expo guides will be there to take visitors on a tour to the future, to prepare them for what is yet to come. More info: Directeuren Netwerk.

Next Nature

ECO Coin at Border Lab Awards 2017

Since our first community experiment of the ECO coin earlier this year we have been hard at work improving our sustainable currency for planet Earth. All this work must have been noticed, as we are pleased to announce that the ECO coin has been shortlisted for the Border Lab Awards 2017.

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Next Nature

Koert van Mensvoort at Enactus 2017

On Friday June 9, the annual Enactus national competition will take place in Utrecht at Jaarbeurs Media Plaza. During the whole day, thirteen student teams will showcase their social enterprises to 41 jury members, determined to secure a spot in the World Cup hosted in London later this year. Each team was challenged to come up with a concept and present it in 17 minutes to the judges to convince them of the project’s environmental impact. NNN director Koert van Mensvoort will be among the jury members and will give a lecture on how technology is becoming our next nature (at 17:00). What are you waiting for? Register now!

Photo by Michiel Plas

(Non)Sense of Future Thinking The Pyramid of Technology visualizes how technology becomes nature in seven steps.
Next Nature

Discussing the (Non)Sense of Future Thinking

It’s time to discuss the future… of the future. Join us for an evening of (non)sensical discussion on the topic of future thinking. How can you research something that is not even there? And why would you? NNN designer Hendrik-Jan Grievink, together with more inspiring speakers, will tell you all about it during The (Non)Sense of Future Thinking. Presented by our friends from BIS Publishers, the event is hosted by Pakhuis de Zwijger today from 19:30 in Amsterdam (in Dutch). Make sure to reserve your seat!

Image: Pyramid of Technology

The In Vitro Meat Cookbook
Next Nature

The In Vitro Meat Cookbook Is Officially Art

Always wanted to own a piece of art for yourself? Then we might have some good news for you. The museum for contemporary art in Amsterdam, the Stedelijk Museum, has added The In Vitro Meat Cookbook to its public art collection, hence it is officially art! The book, containing 45 speculative recipes with lab-grown meat, was part of last year’s exhibition Dream Out Loud – Designing for Tomorrow’s Demands. You can find our award-winning art piece on our web shop.

Catch our meat ice cream cart at Thought for Food Global Summit!
Meat the Future

NNN at Thought for Food Global Summit

How to feed more than nine billion people by 2050? This is the central question of this year’s Thought For Food Global Summit, held in Amsterdam on May 26 and 27. As world’s leading platform to address global food and nutrition security, the TFF movement brings together unconventional thinkers and doers from all disciplines and parts of the globe, who are dedicated to developing breakthrough solutions. Tomorrow, NNN director Koert van Mensvoort will share his thoughts on in vitro meat, and what better way to enjoy his presentation than with an ice cream savory cone from our Bistro In Vitro ice cream cart? That’s right, see you there!

More info: TFF Global Summit

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