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ECO coin goes back to school with a living lab at Erasmus University Rotterdam

The ECO coin recently was trialed at Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR), offering the sustainable currency a glimpse at student life. At the beginning of the academic year, a group of students called the Positive Change Agents took responsible for the design and implementation of the ECO coin economy. The group  launched the ECO coin during the Erasmus Sustainability Days, a completely student owned and organised event.

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Next Nature

Listen to this podcast with Koert van Mensvoort

Script, the human invention of writing, may be one of the oldest and most invisible forms of technology. But, don’t we all sometimes prefer listening to someone telling a story, instead of reading it? Therefore, we’re happy to share this podcast with you. Get inspired by the Next Nature Philosophy, told by our very own Koert van Mensvoort, who was recently invited for a podcast at the Zukunftsinstitute. Listen here! (Language: English)

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Next Nature

Koert van Mensvoort at the Future Cities Show, Dubai

How can we design cities of the future, by focussing on three pillars of sustainability, innovation and happiness? This is what the Future Cities Show in Dubai is seeking to explore. Our director Koert van Mensvoort is invited to be one of the 4 keynote speakers of the conference, on the 11th of April. Here he will introduce the next nature perspective, show how technology becomes nature and what engineers, inventors, designers and entrepreneurs can learn from it.  What does next nature mean for our future cities?


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Next Nature

Koert van Mensvoort at Human Nature event

Mankind’s assignment is as simple as it is complex: to take good care of our planet together, as there is nowhere else for us to go. How do we ensure balance between humans and nature? And what instruments do we have at our disposal and how does this reflect on a future that we can look forward to with more awareness and greater sensitivity? These are just two of the many questions that will be elaborated upon during Human Nature: Designing the Equilibrium, on Thursday 12 April in Paradiso Amsterdam. Running up towards Milan Design Week, this event kicks off the project with a live interview NNN director Koert van Mensvoort. Stay tuned for more info!

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Next Nature

Van Mensvoort Kicks Off the Digi Challenge

How to ensure a digital world that’s desirable for everyone? The Digi Challenge is a day for and by professionals, companies and volunteers, during which you gain inspiration and insights for a better future. NNN director Koert van Mensvoort kicks off the program to fuel your day. Meet new parties, share knowledge and work together to take the next step. Sign up here.

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'Circumventive Organs' explores bioprinting as a possibility for new organs.

Meet the Organ Designer at Fotodok

Now that organ printing is a reality, we can start designing body parts as well. And this where the Organ Designer comes in. This profession is one of the 16 speculative jobs from HUBOT, the job agency for people and robots, and will be on display as part of the Why Work? exhibition at Fotodok in Utrecht, opening on March 9th. Members bring a guest for free! Want to learn more about this job? Then visit our virtual office. Want to find out if this working position suits you? Take our jobtest!

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Next Nature

The return of Rayfish Footwear?

Rayfish Footwear was a fictional company that offered personalized sneakers crafted from genetically modified stingray leather. This online science fiction story allowed customers to grow and design their own sneaker from a genetically modified fish, to question our (often all too consumptive) relationship with animals. Now, the company fiction is back: Catch Rayfish as part of FAKE at the Science Gallery in Dublin.

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