How will the artificial womb affect society?

Where contraceptives such as the pill disconnect sex from reproduction, in vitro fertilisation disconnects contraception from sex, and the artificial womb would disconnect the body from pregnancy and childbirth. As scientists are getting closer to enabling this technology, the question becomes relevant: How will reproductive technologies, such as artificial wombs, change our ideas about intimacy, gender equality, relationships and human nature? Next Nature Network led the workshop supporting open discussion on this thought provoking topic.

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Human Planet

Space Tourism: Your next vacation destination might not be on Earth

Back in the mid-twentieth century, before the first moon landing, people had all sorts of ideas about the golden age of space travel in front of them. Colonize the moon! Fly astronauts to Mars! Take a holiday in space! Decades later, reality still hasn’t lived up to any of these sci-fi visions. But at last, several ambitious projects are bringing one of them closer to reality: space tourism might not be a fantasy for much longer.

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Intieme Technologie

Why human enhancement requires technological citizenship

New technologies – from artificial intelligence to synthetic biology – are set to alter the world, the human condition, and our very being in ways that are hard to imagine. The discussion of these developments limits itself as a rule to individual values. But it is also crucial to talk about the collective human values that we wish to guarantee in our intimate technological society. That brings an important political question is at the table. How to develop and implement human enhancement technologies in a socially responsible way?

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Meat the Future

In vitro meat is here! But we are not allowed to taste it

Previously we predicted that we would be eating in vitro meat by 2028. But as it turns out… In vitro meat is already here! And we are not allowed to eat it. The meat has been sealed by the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority, under new European ‘Novel Foods’ legislation. This means that we cannot test it. Therefore, we started a petition. We want to taste this in vitro meat at our own risk. Sign if you want to taste in vitro meat.

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Next Nature

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