NANO Supermarkt

50 producten uit de toekomst

De NANO Supermarket toont speculatieve producten die in de komende tien jaar op de markt kunnen komen: Interactieve muurverf, medicinale chocolade, programmeerbare wijn, etc. Onze debat oproepende producten zijn innovatief, maar soms ook beangstigend. Ze dienen als scenarios voor mogelijke toekomsten die helpen te bepalen welke toekomst we eigenlijk willen.

Step into the Future

The mobile exhibition disguised as a supermarket is packed with debate–provoking nanotech products: medicinal candy, an energy belt, a wine which taste can be altered with microwaves, a twitter implant, the Google nose, invisible security spray and much more. The products are submitted by designers, technologists and artists from around the world. They are selected by a jury of nanotech experts and design experts. Visit the shop, taste & test our products and experience the impact of nanotechnology on our everyday lives.

Visiting a City Near You

Since its opening, the NANO Supermarket has received over 75,000 visitors in various cities including Eindhoven, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Pamplona, Milan and Stavanger. Check here for tour details or information about hosting the NANO Supermarket at your event.

Google Nose

Sniffer puts your nose to work in the digital domain

We increasingly use digital technology to augment our senses, but we rarely realize that some of them are excluded from the process. Smell is a good example of a powerful sense that is hardly articulated in our technological culture, not anymore with Sniffer! Wear the Google Nose and amplify your sense of smell. What is that appetizing smell? Just ask Sniffer! Visualize scent in a Google glass style, thanks to a smell sensor, which is as good as a dog’s nose, and a small screen in front of your eyes. You can identify the faintest fragrances and see the source of the odor on a distance. With Sniffer, the idiom Have the nose in the air will assume a whole new meaning!

Enabling technology: Nanosensors


Energy Belt

Electricity from excess fat

With Energy Belt, stop treating your excess fat like a liability, and instead embrace its untapped potential. Artificial protocells in the belt mimic natural brown fat, taking the energy from white fat and converting it into ATP. This chemical energy can be used to power everything from cell phones to pacemakers. Eat what you want at dinner, and give up that gym membership for good. Energy Belt cuts down on electricity costs while you cut down on size.

Enabling technology: Nano Transporters

The Healing game

A playful medicine

Although smart medicines are able to execute various tasks in your body, they often still require human guidance. The Healing Game allows patients to steer their medication by playing a videogame. The game starts with the intake of an intelligent pill full of nano capsules and a substance that makes cancercells glow. Control the capsule and go on a seek and destroy mission inside your own body. You can even invite your friends and family to help. While gaming is often considered unhealthy, the Healing Game keeps you healthy!

Enabling technology: Nano Encapsulation

The Latro lamp

Eco friendly lamp powered by algae

People are increasingly aware of environmental issues but often do not know how they can make better choices. The Latro Lamp makes the better choice easy. The Latro is unique, attractive and friendly to the environment, all at the same time! The Latro uses energy-generating algae that are confined in a unique glass container. Odorless, easy and environmentally friendly. All you need to do is hang the lamp in a sunny spot so that the algae can collect energy. Blow in the bulb once a month to provide the algae with CO2, and refill with water every six months. After dark, the lamp will automatically light up. Be the first to have a living lamp in the house!

Enabling technology: Genetic Engineering, Nanocircuits, Nanoelectromechanical System

TV Commercial

Just like any supermarket we present our products in TV Commercials. Watch a compilation of the commercials, mixed with tv coverage from the Dutch Evening news, Klokhuis and RTL Koffietijd.

From Door to Door

Our lustrous brochure attracts the attention of a broad and large audience and is distributed everywhere the NANO Supermarket travels. While reading the brochure it becomes clear that the NANO Supermarkt is not about selling stuff, but rather about a discussion on the impact of technology on our everyday lives. A physical copy of the brochure can be ordered in our webshop.

This Nano Supermarket Brochure is being distributed alongside the regular commercial folder material in the neighborhood.

About Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is an emerging field of science that deals with the manipulation of structures on an atomic and molecular scale. It is often seen as a trend in material science, but has much deeper implications.

Nanotechnology is an umbrella term for various techniques that scientists use to operate on the very small nanoscale, ranging from nanostructures, nanocoatings, nano-encapsulation, nanocircuits, nanosensors, nanoparticles and more. Existing applications range from sunscreen and mobile phones to airplanes and medicines.

Nanotechnology radically intervenes with our notion of what is natural, yet there is only little discussion on how this emerging technology will change our everyday lives. It may realize the dreams people have of themselves and significantly improve our lives, but may also have its downsides. Hence the urgency to have a public debate on the impact of nanotechnology on our lives.

The Website

In the NANO Supermarket website, you can add products to your shopping cart. Based on your selection, we will create a personal profile for you, that reflects how you relate to emerging technologies.


  • Creative Director: Koert van Mensvoort
  • Art Director: Hendrik-Jan Grievink
  • Production leader: Tim Hoogesteger
  • Models: Francesca Barchiesi, David Menting, Gordon Tiemstra, Jeffrey Braun, Jan van der Asdonk
  • Graphic design: Kris Soroka, Theresa Lupprich, Valentino Campici, Jack Hallam, Ruben Daas, Michael Kluver
  • Website: Pascal de Man
  • Commercials: Studio Smack (2010, 2012), Arnoud van den Heuvel (2014)
  • Bus design: Maze de Boer
  • Psychological profile research: Casper Vos, Stef Wouters
  • Copywriting: Allison Guy, Alessia Andreotti
  • Experience research: Symbiont
  • Design coaches TU Eindhoven: Arne Hendriks, Ronald van Tienhoven, Mike Thompson, Joris van Gelder, Janine Huizinga, Susanna Camara, Menno Stoffelsen, Koert van Mensvoort
  • Jury Members 2014–2010: Dave Blank (Director MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology), Timo De Rijk (Design, Culture and Society Professor), Mieke Gerritzen (Director of the Museum of The Image), Prof Jos de Mul (professor in Philosophical Anthropology), Ronald van Tienhoven (Artist, Design Educator), Bas Haring (Professor public understanding of science), Rob van Hattum (Creative Director NEMO Science Center, Director Science programs VPRO), Tracy Metz (design journalist), Lucas Asselbergs (Chair, Director Studium Generale Eindhoven University of Technology)
  • Initiators: Koert van Mensvoort, Marco Rozendaal
  • Special thanks to: Tromp transport, Bordbusters (lettering), Chet Bangaru (3D printing) D.Search-Lab (3D printing)

Product Designers 

1Knife: Jeffrey Braun / Biojewellery: Tobie Kerridge, Nikki Stott , Ian Thompson / Biophilia: Veronica Ranner / Check up Tattoo: Yessica Isabel, Garcia Tellez / Conception Control: Aylin Groenewoud / Dust Pill: Wouter Widdershoven, Dirk Gooren, Ruperto Hernández, Castor Bours / E. chromi: Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg, James King / Energy Belt: Emmy van Roosmalen / Epicur: Stephan Hoes / FluDoc: Jan van der Asdonk / Freshkeepers: Roy van den Heuvel / Glow-Doo: Sanne Kat / Keratin Ink: Casper Vos, Biotecture / Latro Lamp: Mike Thompson / Lungless Aquatic Respiration: Sean Serafini / Magic Meatballs: Mark Kanters / Menoé Uterus Pear: Robin Pohl / Nano Lift: Orestis Tsinalis / Nansense: Joshua Brevoort, Lisa Chun, Eric Baldwin, Ian Campbell, Nano Detector: Paul Frigout / Nano Mop: Koen van Emden, Nano Sock: Nicolas Nelson / Nano Wine: Koert van Mensvoor, Hendrik-Jan Grievink, Ruben Daas / Nano Necklace: Marco van Beers / Nico: Vincent Hamingh / RayFish Sneakers: Koert van Mensvoort, Ton Meijdam, Floris Kaayk, Jan Jansen / Skin Paper: Vanessa Harden, Tomasso Lanza / Swallowable Parfum: Lucy McRae / Smoke Dress: Trieuvy Luu / Thorny Devil: John Vlaming / Twitter Implant: Hendrik-Jan Grievink / Wallsmart: Jonas Enqvist, David Menting.

The NANO Supermarket is an initiative of the Next Nature Network and Eindhoven University of Technology and was realized with the support of Stichting Doen, NanoPodium, Creative Industries Fund NL, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, SNS REAAL Fonds and Eindhoven University of Technology.

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