Society of Simulations

Explore Mars with NASA’s VR Experience

Exploring the surface of Mars at least 15 years before a human being in flesh and blood will be able to, this is the new ambitious idea of the people at NASA. To make this happen they teamed up with MIT in Boston and the media company Fusion to develop a VR application that allows the viewer to experience life on the Red Planet.

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Forward to Nature

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Virtual worlds, printed food, living cities, wild robots – we’re so surrounded by technology that it’s becoming our next nature. How can we live in harmony with it? The Next Nature Network is a 21st century nature organization that wants to go forward – not back – to nature. We stir debate, create events, exhibitions, publications and products that bring biology and technology into balance. Because ultimately, we may not just have to save the pandas but the people too. Will you join us?

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Augmented Bodies

Human Cloning Now Possible in China

Human Cloning is one of those issues where technology is racing well ahead of contemporary morals and ethical frameworks. Xu Xiaochun, the chief executive behind the world’s biggest cloning factory – Boyalife Group – has stated that at this moment, the technology to clone humans is already available, and that they are refraining from using it for fear of public reaction.

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Intimate Technology

Which Technologies will 2016 Bring?

The new year is right around the corner, let’s forget about long-term future for a while to check out what new tech trends will hit it big in 2016. At the end of every year, global design and strategy firm Frog predicts what technology trends will transform businesses in the coming year. In 2014 it was the rising of drones, augment reality and self-driving cars; while 2015 was the year of 3D printed meals, virtual currency and wearable devices. What tech trends in healthcare, education, lifestyle, communication and relationships will define our 2016? New year, new technologies; let’s take a look!

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