Most important inventions have been made, unlike the flying car
Intimate Technology

“Everything Is Already Invented”

After the publication of the book The Rise and Fall of American Growth by economist Robert Gordon our technology-studded society was tread on its toes once more with his, historically repetitive, conviction that all major technologies have already been invented. In his book he quotes PayPal founder Peter Thiel on the disappointing innovations of today: “We wanted flying cars, instead we got 140 characters”. Gordon rejoices the economic growth after the second industrial revolution and the prosperity it brought the average joe, but on the flip side argues that we have arrived at a period of technological stagnation. Although his discourse is valid and substantiated, his point of view is essentially flawed simply because he is a human being.

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Re-introducing Extinct Species

Rewilding Europe is a Dutch organization which aims to the re-introduction of long-lost species in Europe’s wilderness. They are starting with the re-wilding of the European bison, an extinct species that used to dominate our countrysides, but was then hunted to extinction by 1919. Thanks to this initiative, and the support of 54 zoos, their population counts 3.000 animals today. Their objective is to re-introduce five herds of 100 bisons by 2022 and a wild population of 1.000 by 2032.

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Forward to Nature

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Virtual worlds, printed food, living cities, wild robots – we’re so surrounded by technology that it’s becoming our next nature. How can we live in harmony with it? The Next Nature Network is a 21st century nature organization that wants to go forward – not back – to nature. We stir debate, create events, exhibitions, publications and products that bring biology and technology into balance. Because ultimately, we may not just have to save the pandas but the people too. Will you join us?

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mosquitoes released in china to fight zika virus
Manufactured Animals

A Mosquito Factory to Defeat Zika Virus

There’s a factory in China that produces mosquitoes and their plan is to release them into nature to cull the population and eradicating disease. As Zika-linked microcephaly crisis continue to grow in Brazil, pressuring the World Health Organization (WHO) to announce a public health emergency, China is determined to start a pilot field study using mosquitoes infected with bacteria to help fighting the deadly disease.

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Back to the Tribe

Meat-Eating Made Us Humans

Eating meat has made us who we are today: evolved, intelligent humans, able to use a verbal language. A new research suggests that not eating only fruits and vegetables but also food rich in animal proteins  allowed humans to evolve, transforming both the anatomical and the intellectual levels.

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