Interview with a cyborg

Erich Berger has a 96 year old grandmother who is a cyborg. She features dentures, hearing aids, glasses, pace maker, a metal implant on the pinkie toe, and more. Quotes from the interview:

“Some would say that you are a cyborg, because you carry so much technology inside of you that you even need to live. Cyborg is a term that describes a life form that is partial human, partial something technology.” “But I am still human. I have some technology but a lot of it I don’t see and I don’t pay so much attention to it. It’s more what it does for me that is important for me. I only have these things because my body was not working well. They help me.”
“If you knew today that you would have another 50 years to live, would you want to know how to use a computer?” “What for? I don’t know what it does? I am a tailor and I like to play music and do the garden. And that is what I would do the next fifty years .. and maybe when my grandchildren have children themselves, I would baby-sit them. Kids are wonderful!”

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Contour door

Silly inventions like these make me wonder why man continuously seeks interaction with the things surrounding him. Should buildings or offices be allowed to talk?
“This door was made for you, it loves your contours, please enter. We love you the way you are, you digital and physical-prescence you…”

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Fire fighting beetle – OLE

Just like centipedes OLE can roll up into a ball when danger threatens and retract its six legs. Its heat-resistant shell is made of a ceramic-fibre compound which can withstand temperatures of 1,300 degrees centigrade while protecting the sensitive technology in its insides. (…) The beetle fights the fire with an impulse appliance. In order to protect an area the size of the Black Forest (7,000 square kilometres) from fire, 30 insects would suffice. | tree-climbing robot | snake robots

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Grass Wheel

If you’ve gotta run the wheel, you might as well do it in bare feet. Many of us are so busy being good little hamsters that we never have face time with green space. A group of students from Dalhousie School of Architecture decided to remedy this problem with a street-ready grass-lined wheel.

Via Inhabitat, Treehugger. Related: Parking.

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You only live Twice

Yes, I understand the media interest in Second Hype (Of course we don’t take it serious as a virtual reality concept. Steering a mouse, sitting behind a flat screen, moving 3D characters.. it is soo nineties!) But it is a great visualization of some events currently taking place in first live.
Now here is a peculiar event: Art students meet at a good old physical location to show each other how they upload themselves.

The Rietveld Academie in Second Hype. Graphic Design students go Second Life with Conversations falling from the sky – confessions of a submissive avatar – ‘Der Lauf der Prims’ – the evolution of a fashionable newbie – and more …

10 June 07 21:00, Mediamatic Oosterdokskade 5, Amsterdam.

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Hyper Animals

No no, don’t worry! These hypernatural animals aren’t the genetic surprise of some mad scientist, it is artist Sarina Brewer resampling, remixing and stitching together her Custom Creature Taxidermy Arts.

Via Table of Malcontents, Related Hoax Dragon, BabyBunny.

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