Hug T-Shirt

If you’re longing for the touch of a loved one who is a few thousand miles away, what better way than to pick up the Hug Shirt for the both of you? This shirt is capable of recreating the physical hug feeling by teaming up with Bluetooth wireless technology, a Hug Me Java software, and a Bluetooth-enabled cellphone. The Hug Shirt does not come with any pre-assigned cellphone number, but it instead sends data to your cellphone via Bluetooth, where your special friend on the other end of the line will receive a hug on his/her shirt via Bluetooth as well.

The Hug Shirt has been nominated as one of the Best Inventions of 2006 by Time Magazine. Looks like we’re a bit late.

I can use a hug now… Anyone? Please?

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Aquarium screensavers must be as old as the first RGB-monitors, but in times of fast and turbulent software development, the underwater world proves to be a familiar and relaxing sight.
Visit the Papervision3D-screensaver (touching the shark at own risk! ;); you’ll need Flash Player 9.0). It is made with an open source 3D engine for the FlashCS3 platform. Let’s see how fast this software will “unflatten” the webscape. | demos/seahorse | rhino | download the software | Related posts: Flat Pets

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The Metaverse Roadmap

In ancient times heroes like Marco Polo and Christopher Columbus explored the unknown territories of the globe. Today world traveling has become a teenage tourist activity, but luckily there are always other spheres to be conquered. No, I don’t mean space traveling that used to be so fashionable in the sixties. Forget about the Universe boys, here is the Metaverse! Some daring discoverers already made a Metaverse Roadmap (PDF) with all the stuff we should know about this culturally emerged nature.

“What happens when video games meet Web 2.0? When virtual worlds meet geospatial maps of the planet? When simulations get real and life and business go virtual? When you use a virtual Earth to navigate the physical Earth, and your avatar becomes your online agent? What happens is the metaverse.”

An interesting overview article, although I find it strange they missed out on the Noosphere. Via AmiBlog.

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Nextnature Event

Next Nature Picnic – August 5th

Next weekend is a good moment for a next nature picnic. The Dutch ministry of Tures (Ministerie van Turen) invited us to their strawcastle (pictured above) for a nice picnic dinner with presentations and debate regarding next nature; expect good food, good video, good Koert, fresh air, and a special mystery guest (it’s Tinkebell!). All summer, the Ministry organizes these picnic events, which are open to the public.

Picnic #3 Next Nature
Sunday August 5th, 13:00-15:00
Straw Castle, Ministerie van Turen
Oude gracht 6, Veenhuizen
Entrance: €12,50 (food+drinks+tour included)
Reservations: email to

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Ferrari Tomato

Do you happen to know the Dutch Tomatoes? They look like Ferrari’s and taste like shit. They are redder, rounder, larger, and maybe even healthier than the ones from our gardens. They are more natural than natural: Hypernatural. They are Dutch Design. You can find them in a supermarket nearby.

Related: How to grow a Ketchup Bottle.

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Apple Desk – Symbol of a digital lifestyle

Behold the Apple Desk, created for all those Apple IPod style victims. Moreover this design is a wonderful illustration of the penetration of computing in everyday life; once the computer is everywhere, the environment becomes the interface. Soon we are expecting Apple style cars, houses and suburbs. And before you know it Second Life has become First Life.
Via Appleblog.

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Not A Cornfield

“Not A Cornfield” is a project (2005) by Artist Lauren Bon. It’s a living sculpture in the form of a field of corn east of Downtown Los Angeles. The site – historically a train yard – is in between two busy streets, with the hills of Chinatown on one side, and a warehouse no-mans land on the other.

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Intelligent Documentary Making

Our image of nature is permanently under construction. For Dutch biologist Gerdien De Jong, this became al too clear after watching The Life of Mammals, a series of nature documentaries by the famous David Attenborough and comparing his movies with the versions broadcasted by the EO, a dutch evangelical broadcasting organisation—

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Back to the Tribe

The 21th Century Paradigm

The history of art through the ages reveals a constancy that, by conscious or unconscious applications, provides us with an omnipresent correlation dealing with the philosophical/scientific schools of thought and their paradigmatic changes in relation with contemporary artistic movements. This paper will try to scent the presumable paradigm at the beginning of the 21st century and consequently the co-related currents of artistic thought. From a global perspective, the ontological changes in the development in science tend asymptomatically towards man. It is Maslow’s pyramid but in the opposite direction, returning to the basic needs. Will the next century be the century of humanism, since sciences and arts have for goal, and by definition, man?

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