Skyscreen – largest urban LED screen in Asia

Alright, we can agree most of old nature has been altered by human activity. We’re not just talking rain forest, icecaps and genetically modified fruit and kittens. Now you might be wondering, where is the limit?

Well, the recently unveiled ‘skyscreen’ is the biggest digital LED screen in Asia at this moment. It stretches 250m above the pedestrian walkway at newly opened shopping mall ‘The Place’ located within the central business districts of Beijing, China.

When I first spotted the skyscreen the ‘swimming dophin’ video was playing, evoking an surrealistic feeling as if the whole square was underwater (picture below). I expected some obligate advertising would come after a while, but that wasn’t the case. I sat there for more than hour (having our coffee at the local Starbucks) and was treated on a show of various crafty video’s. The only ‘advertising’ I discovered on the skyscreen were the propaganda video’s promoting the heroism of the Chinese communist ideal. How appropriate considering the fact that the skyscreen is integrated in a shopping mall, hey?

Although, usually I tend to be skeptical about the tiling of public space with LED screens, which seldom enter into a relationship with their environment; by default they are isolated, draining elements that do nothing but try to seize the undivided attention of by passers. The wonderful thing about the skyscreen (maybe it better to call it ‘screensky’?) is that it is deliberately placed in periphery of our attention. As a result of its modest and well chosen location it integrates beautifully within the environment, providing the Beijing population with a wonderful and non-obtrusive immersive experience. If they keep up the skillful and high level quality of visuals, the skyscreen may grow to become one of the major icons of Beijing. In general, it sets a new standard for urban screens. If this is the future of public LED screens, I don’t mind if they tile some more here and there.

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TV Helmet

TV-Helmet (Portable Living Room) made by in the ’60s by Walter Pichler- Photo: Werner Kaligofsky.

Via: We make Money not Art, Mouse. Related: Conditioned, Schöne Aussichten, Instant Privacy.

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J. Perthold (Germany) has a cat called Mr. Lee; a cat with a cam! Through smart circuit-engineering, the VistaQuest Digital Keychain takes pictures every minute for 48 hours on one battery! Go where people don’t go, stay low to the ground, the neighbourhood you thought you knew, will never be the same. | Related posts: Bird radio | Sky-catcher | Snake robots | Incognito

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Trash People

In 246 BC, a Chinese emperor – Qin Shi Huangdi – desired an army that could accompany him on his quest in the land of the dead. With the help of 700.000 craftsmen, he created the terracotta army near Xi’an, China (check out this beautiful QuicktimeVR-link!).

Apparently once in every 2000 years, an army of statues is needed to shake and wake the people. H.A. Schult arose his army in 1996 to send it around the world with a message: “We live in the trash time: we produce trash and we become trash. ‘Trash People’ are images of ourselves.” | (trashy) video | Related posts: American self-portrait | Portraits of American Mass Consumption | Salvation Mountain

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Who wants to drive in a Fish?

Behold the BoxFish, Mercedes’ bionic concept car. This tropical fish is outstandingly streamlined. Its engineers were able to achieve a wind drag coefficient of just 0.06 in the wind tunnel. In addition to superb aerodynamics and a lightweight construction concept derived from nature, the 103 kW/140-hp diesel engine and innovative SCR technology greatly contribute to fuel economy and a further reduction in exhaust emissions.

In other words: German Car Fans rule.

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User Vaporated Content

Today, I had the strangest experience. I visited the dutch MSN website (don’t ask me why) and found myself erasing al the content with a flick of my cursor. As I moved the cursor over any piece of content featured on the site, it would simply pop away and leave a blank space.

It must have been some bug in Safari or so, I have no other explanation. Or— would there be someting that this site didn’t like about my previous surfing behaviour? I don’t wan’t to sound too antropomorphic, but you get to think weird things if something like this happens to you. By the time I had moved my cursor all over the screen, all content had dissappeared. What lasted was a completely empty webpage. It felt like an unexpected encounter with a deer in the woods gazing back at you with brown eyes. I stared back for a second and continued my walk— | Related post: Schöne aussichten | see also:

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Designer pets

If your house just isn’t big enough to have a leopard, you can allways buy these 20.000 dollar cats. Nailcaps are included to prevent scratches on the matching cat furniture.
I would loooove to see Tinkebell make the worlds most expensive catbag out of this.

You can order one here | Related posts: Catbag | Stuffed toys | Lifestyle pets | Flat pets

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The Professors Doppelgänger Robot

Although there are numerous researchers out there creating humanoid robots, none are as explicit about the close relation between anthropomorphism and narcissism as professor Hiroshi Ishiguro from ATR Intelligent Robotics Laboratory. Ishiguro decided that if he’s going to be a roboticist he might as well create an “angry eyes” twin-brother version of himself, the Geminoid HI-1 (japanese website).

The remarkable realism comes from silicone molds cast from Ishiguro’s own body. Ishiguro is using his robot twin brother to teach his classes for him, and creep out students with lifelike movements such as blinking, “breathing” and fidgeting. The robot can be remotely controlled via a motion capture system that tracks Ishiguro’s mouth movements and allows the robot to speak his voice – or that of an assistant if he’s feeling particularly uninspired.

The aim of the project is to experiment with the viability of tele-presence and find out if he can really command the attention of a classroom with a mere robot doppelgänger. Ishiguro thinks future business meetings will have androids and humans side by side at the table. Well, lets be positive, it sure would save a lot of business class flights. There is also a peculiar video of Geminoid HI-1.

Via Engadget, Related: Robot Dance, Social Robots, Child Care Robot.

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Boomeranged Metaphors


Henk Rozema displaying his invention (2006), the digital tombstone “Digizerk”. It was only a question of time that global digitalization would be introduced on cemeteries. The digital contents can be viewed only by relatives who own a remote-control device. The newest model runs on solar power. Presenting slideshows of the most important moments of the deceased are perhaps as dull as one could expect from a “new medium” like this. Here’s an idea for Henk Rozema to work on: I think (correct me if I’m wrong) it was in the Fox-movie “I Robot” that – through a StarWars-like-beam-device – actor Will Smith communicates with a holographic projection of the US Robotics-leading scientist (James Cromwell) who just fell from the companies building and died. The device contains some clues and answers on his death, provided and triggered by asking the right questions.
What if in future, people would record and save their ideas and answers to questions in their tombs for the generations to come. Cemetery = library knowledge-base! Bas Groenendaal has done something similar with his project: “Release”. | | video (dutch) | Related posts: Vin memoriam | Pencils made of cremated humans | Human DNA in trees

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