More leg = more money

The Stock market skirt
Nancy Paterson made a blue taffeta & black velvet party dress that represents the real-time stock market situation by lowering or raising its hemline. When the stock price rises, the hemline is raised, when the stock price falls, the hemline is lowered. this concept is based on the ‘Skirt Length Theory’ which describes that skirt lengths are a predictor of the stock market direction. According to the theory, if skirts are short, it means the markets are going up. And ifÂ? skirt are long, it means the markets are heading down.

The idea behind this theory is that shorter skirtsÂ? tend to appearÂ? in times when general consumer confidence and excitement is high, meaningÂ? the marketsÂ? are bullish. In contrast, the theory says long skirtsÂ? are worn more in times ofÂ? fear and general gloom, indicating that things are bearish.

Although some investors may secretly believe in such aÂ? theory, serious analysts and investors -Â? instead of examining skirt length to make investment decisions – insist onÂ? focusingÂ? on market fundamentals and data.


Rock, paper, scissors

A robotic hand controlled by the power of thought alone has been demonstrated by researchers in Japan. Subjects lay inside an MRI scanner and were asked to make “rock, paper, scissor” shapes with their right hand. As they did this, the MRI scanner recorded brain activity during the formation of each shape and fed this data to a connected computer. After a short training period, the computer was able to recognise the brain activity associated with each shape and command the robotic appendage do the same.
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Animals in advertising

The work of photographer Michael Wolf, amazing photos of buildings, plants, food and furniture. And unicorns.

His website is definitely worth a look.


A Model’s Body

Dutch photographer Koen Hauser blends parts of the human body with parts from anatomical models. You know, the ones you had in biology class and gave you this fine colorful insight of your inside. The representation of the human body becomes the human body itself. This is not really Next Nature but it sure says something about how these kind of medical models shape our perceiving of the human body.


Echte Natuur is niet Groen

De menselijke impact op onze planeet kan nauwelijks worden onderschat. Klimaatverandering, massa-urbanisatie, synthetische biologie. Ongerepte natuur wordt steeds zeldzamer, tegelijkertijd wordt onze technologische omgeving zo complex en oncontroleerbaar dat we deze als een natuur op zichzelf gaan ervaren. Ons beeld van natuur moet worden aangepast.

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Manufactured Animals

Tree-climbing robot

I wonder what task this little fellow‘s creators had in mind for him. Rescuing cats? Pruning branches? Picking coconuts? Found here.
I’m glad there’s a robot for every surface (not sure window-cleaners think likewise). Scientists are still improving the species though. His Japanese brother’s called woody!

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