WiFi-enabled Ambient Rabbit

There may even come a moment that our connection with an industrially manufactured coke bottle may be richer and more mythical that our relation with a genetically analysed and manipulated white rabbit in the woods.Exploring Next Nature, May 2004

Guess what, the coke bottle looks like a rabbit. It connects to a local wi-fi network to provide services to any users nearby. It can sing, talk, flash colored lights within its translucent body, and move its ears to let you know whether you have new email, or what the weather’s like outside, or how the stock market is doing, etc.



Mandy Meißner’s “Wildgruen”, a plant that can move and communicate. In her view, plants need to be freed from their isolation, both in the way that they can only lean towards the sun and can’t make themselves understood when they need something. Wildgruen can drive around and will hassle you via your mobile phone when it needs to be watered. The point is to actually foster the relation between humans and so-called cultivated plants that we make live with us.

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Pushing the Desktop Metaphor

Despite the metaphor, current virtual desktops (a) have little resemblance to the look or feel of real world desktops (b). Bumptop explores making virtual desktops behave in a more physically realistic manner (c) by adding physics simulation. Objects can be casually dragged and tossed around. (thanks to Jack van Wijk, for the tip)



Written by Werner Lippert & Peter Wippermann, Curators of the Entryparadise exhibition (26/8 until 3/12, 2006, at Kohlenwäsche, Zollverein)

Design is about to undergo a paradigm shift – the extent to which new technologies have been intervening in the constructive, material, aesthetic and social practice of both architecture and design since the nineties is unprecedented. Today design starts at the level of the atom. We are drifting into the world of the invisible: virtual realities, nano and biotechnology are increasingly influencing our aesthetics and providing new construction kits for our reality. Information and communication design are ensuring the controllability of highly complex connections and giving rise to virtual social systems. Design is becoming immanent to being, and the experience of design will be both physical and metaphysical. Design is becoming invisible, and design is making things visible. Design promotes a better world and is based on the dream people have of themselves.

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Next Nature: Radikale Mediokrität

Lecture spoken by Henk Oosterling at Biggest Visual Powershow, Zollverein Essen, Germany, 23 June 2006

Damen und Herrn, Next Nature, Nächste Natur ist ein Pleonasmus, ein überflüssiger Ausdruck. Heutzutage ist Natur immer Nächst. Es gibt auch kein Gegensatz zwischen Nature und Nurture, zwischen Natur und Nahrung. Ist Natur nur Nahrung, dann gibt es kein Natur. Natur wird dann völlig konsumiert in die survival of the fittest. Sobald aber Jagen und Essen sich verwandeln in Züchten und Nouvelle Cuisine, dann wird gleichzeitig mit Kultur Natur produziert. Natur als radikalisierte Kultur is Reinkultur. Nach der Reiz des neuesten Kicks kommt das Reine. Dann gibt es nur Kaffee ohne Kafeine, Bier ohne Alkohol, Viagrasex ohne Libido und sogar Kriege ohne Opfer und bodybags. Slow food ist ein Produkt heutiger Geschwindigkeit, Real time ein digitales Konstrukt.

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Anybody else hear that ringing?

An actress in Atlanta, has tried to answer her phone to the thrrrrup, thrrrrup, thrrrrup of a truck bouncing down a pothole-pocked street. Others say they thought they heard phones ring while taking a shower, using a blow-dryer or watching commercials.

Because cellphones have become a fifth limb, people now live in a constant state of phone alertness, resulting in the phantom phone rings.

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