Cleanbits – indulgences website C02

What has a virtual world got to do with CO2 emissions? Yes. Electricity. Computers are getting increasingly more powerful and thus, using increasingly more power. Cleanbits (Dutch website) is a initiative that enables owners of websites to buy off their CO2 emissions. Trees are planted to compensate for the electricity your webserver is using, resulting in a climate neutral website. Soon there won’t be any trees left that aren’t compensating for some webserver, racing car, or jet holiday?

The whole system makes us think of indulgances to buy of sins, once big in Roman Catholic church. But better be safe than sorry. We bought ourselves a clean conscience at cleanbits.

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Sentient Spaces

Kids are extensions of parents?

The IonKids system from the firm Bluespan allows parents to give their young children some autonomy in the context of their environment to a certain point. The child wears an aesthetically pleasing Wristag that has the capability of communicating with a PDA-like Base Unit that would be near a caregiver. If the child wanders too far away, the wireless communication kicks in and the Wristag sends an alert to the screen portion of the Base Unit and the parent can effectively locate the child’s position. It seems like this product is quite an upgrade to silver bells on the shoes.

Via: Coolhunter, Kits start from $199, you can order from here.

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Society of Simulations

Simulacra for Dummies

Anyone can explain Baudrillard with this move. After the recent passing-away of this philosopher, it seems appropriate to post this movie as an ultimate “Simulacra for Dummies”. This movie is quite known and probably already posted on this blog. But just in case, here it is once more: the “Evolution” movie made by Dove. The construction of reality.

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Manufactured Animals

Cockroach Controlled Mobile Robot

By putting this cockroach in control over a mobile robot, our perception of the animal is changed. Technology empowers the little creature you would normally squash under your shoes. It becomes something else, somethig bigger and more advanced. Yet the technology of this robot might be no more advanced than the stuff this animal is made of. The whole thing feels as evolution: from the day that fish came on land and men started to walk on two legs, to the day that cockroaches started driving wheelchairs. What do you think?

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First documentairy made inside Second Hype

After the many documentaries and TV coverage on Second Hype, now the first documentary made inside Second Hype is here.

My Second Life is a documentary about a man named Molotov Alva, who in January 2007 disappeared from his Californian home. Recently, a series of video dispatches by a Traveler of the same name have appeared within a popular online world called Second Life.

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Bio Mapping is a research project which explores new ways that we as individuals can make use of the information we can gather about our own bodies. The project envisages new tools that allows people to selectively share and interpret this information.

The current version of the Bio Mapping system allows people to measure their Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) as a simple indicator of emotional arousal in conjunction with their geographical location. By sharing this data we can construct maps that visualise where we as a community feel stressed and excited.

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Arnolds Hybrid Hummer

Sure, governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is Mr Nextnature avant la lettre, but since the man cruises in a hybrid hummer, he is the living evidence that nextnature can be supportive to oldnature as well. No? Well, the hybrid hummer H2H has been introduced by the governor in 2004 but has not been put into production as of this writing.

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