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What will the human race look like in 1, 2, 3, 4 million years? Will it be one human race? Will there be a human race? Impressions of future scenario’s must come from scientists, sometimes in collaboration with artists, sometimes only by artists. Though artists often seem to be more inspired by fiction than science; can it be these images are adding up to a mechanism we call self fulfilling prophecy? Evolution?
link | another possible future

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This copy of Rodins “Le Penseur” / “The Thinker” (1880) shouldn’t have that much on its mind… By using laser-technology, Korean researchers have crafted the microscopic version above, just about twice the size of a red blood cell. | related topic: nano flowers

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Augmented Animals

Animals do not shape their living environment as radically as humans, but why don’t we give them some help. James Auger envisions animals, birds, reptiles and even fish becoming appreciative techno-geeks, using specially engineered gadgets to help them overcome their evolutionary shortcomings, promote their chances of survival or just simply lead easier and more comfortable lives.

Via Wired, Related: A mouse can scare the cat away, Audio Tooth.

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Never mind guitar solo’s | ReacTable

Ever seen a performance of electronic musicians? No matter the genre, these events don’t have the reputation of being very lively, rock ‘n roll-like experiences. In the best case, you have a good VJ to make up the lack of a visual element in what the people on stage are doing behind their laptops. But now there’s The ReacTable®, a device that combines a graphic user interface (GUI) with a hands-on feeling. Sounds are triggered and sequenced by moving objects around on a flat square. Not quite a Jimmy Page guitarsolo, but a small leap in an interesting direction.

reacTable | Watch the movie here

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Guided Growth

Sleeping beauty

Where there is light, there is life. When you switch on the lamp, it provides you with light. You provide it with the generating power it needs togrow.

Similar to living organisms, this lamp contains all the essential “mechanisms” that will enable it to develop. All it needs is energy and it starts creating its own lampshade. It knits it slowly around the lamp, pausing only when the light is off. Its growth places it beyond the bare utilitarian necessity of artificial light. The lamp becomes an animate part of space, an existence in its own right.

Designed by Nadine Sterk – atelier nl

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RFID implant opens doors

Amal has two RFID implants, one in each hand. His left hand contains a 3mm by 13mm EM4102 glass RFID tag that was implanted by a cosmetic surgeon. His right hand contains a 2mm by 12mm Philips HITAG 2048 S implant with crypto-security features and 255 bytes of read/write memory storage space. It was implanted by a family doctor using an Avid injector kit like the ones used on pets. He can access his front door, car door, and log into his computer using his implants, and has written a book called RFID Toys, which details how to build these and other RFID enabled projects.

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