Social Robots

Smile! We are your friends. Robots will play an important role in our future society. We need to ensure that robots are socially compatible with us in order for society to accept them. Some examples of social robots are: Emuu (pictured above), Kismet and Leonardo.

Source: Social Robots Wikki | Related post: Child care Robot, Everyday Robots

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Next Nature: Radikale Mediokrität

Lecture spoken by Henk Oosterling at Biggest Visual Powershow, Zollverein Essen, Germany, 23 June 2006

Damen und Herrn, Next Nature, Nächste Natur ist ein Pleonasmus, ein überflüssiger Ausdruck. Heutzutage ist Natur immer Nächst. Es gibt auch kein Gegensatz zwischen Nature und Nurture, zwischen Natur und Nahrung. Ist Natur nur Nahrung, dann gibt es kein Natur. Natur wird dann völlig konsumiert in die survival of the fittest. Sobald aber Jagen und Essen sich verwandeln in Züchten und Nouvelle Cuisine, dann wird gleichzeitig mit Kultur Natur produziert. Natur als radikalisierte Kultur is Reinkultur. Nach der Reiz des neuesten Kicks kommt das Reine. Dann gibt es nur Kaffee ohne Kafeine, Bier ohne Alkohol, Viagrasex ohne Libido und sogar Kriege ohne Opfer und bodybags. Slow food ist ein Produkt heutiger Geschwindigkeit, Real time ein digitales Konstrukt.

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Anybody else hear that ringing?

An actress in Atlanta, has tried to answer her phone to the thrrrrup, thrrrrup, thrrrrup of a truck bouncing down a pothole-pocked street. Others say they thought they heard phones ring while taking a shower, using a blow-dryer or watching commercials.

Because cellphones have become a fifth limb, people now live in a constant state of phone alertness, resulting in the phantom phone rings.

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Save our Next Nature! Buy the book

A critical and visual take on culturally emerged Nature. Full of statements from designers and thinkers from around the globe. Wild systems, Genetic Surprises, Calm Technology, Autonomous Machinery and Splendidly Beautiful Black Flowers. Nature changes along with us.

More info and pictures.

Editors: Koert van Mensvoort, Mieke Gerritzen, Michiel Schwarz, Design: Mieke Gerritzen.
140 pages, paperback. ISBN 90 6369 093 2
Bis Publishers, USA Gingko Press

Price: $12.00
Buy at

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They are made out of meat

A short story by Terry Bisson. For those who prefer video to literature, there’s also this seven-minute film adaptation.

“They’re made out of meat.”
“Meat. They’re made out of meat.”
“There’s no doubt about it. We picked several from different parts of the planet, took them aboard our recon vessels, probed them all the way through. They’re completely meat.”

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Eternal Sunset

Eternal Sunset endeavours to ensure you can enjoy the sunset live from any location, at any time. As the sunset moves westward, Eternal Sunset continuously tunes into different webcams, chasing the sunset around the globe. This service is currently provided through the use of 209 west-facing webcams across 41 countries.

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Back to the Tribe

What to do with your cat?

Our relation with the animals we consume is very remote nowadays. The meat in the supermarket is abstract and square. You might consider a vegetarian life style. No? Then you might consider making your own designers bag from your cat.

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