Making of The Modular Body
Augmented Bodies

The Making of the Modular Body

Remember OSCAR, the strange organism created by Cornelis Vlasman in our fellow Floris Kaayk’s award-winning speculative project, The Modular Body? Curious about how OSCAR was really created? Keen to know more about the project as a whole? You’re in luck! Check out the videos below, which provide an in-depth look at what went on behind the scenes of The Modular Body project.

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Wild Systems

ECO Coin Award Interviews: Shubhendu Sharma

The world is changing, and it’s important that we evolve with it. The ECO Coin Award is our way of recognizing innovations and initiatives which help us adapt to our next nature. All the nominees aim at creating a more humane and sustainable future for us and the planet. Now, in the lead-up to the announcement of this year’s winner, we’re interviewing each of the three finalists to learn about their values, insights and visions for the future. First up is Shubhendu Sharma, founder of Afforestt, nominated for the award in recognition of his efforts to spread the unique Miyawaki method of afforestation across the world.

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Internship Next Nature
Next Nature

Internship at Next Nature Network

To all students! It’s that time of the year again. We have six wonderful intern positions opening up in February 2018. Six! From editorial talent to design heroes to marketing geniuses to software wizards, to name a few. Is your name among these disciples? Apply now and learn how to love the future!

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Office Garden

What You Should Know About Artificial Intelligence Changing Jobs

Artificial intelligence, or AI, has changed the way we shop online by giving suggestions for things we may want to buy based on past purchases. It has also altered how we send and receive emails, since many platforms automatically filter messages by importance or give suggested responses due to our habits. It should come as no surprise, then, that AI naturally extends into the way we work. Let’s look at how artificial intelligence is influencing the way we relate to work.

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No Drones in the Park, Please!
Suburban Utopia

No Drones in the Park, Please!

Our peculiar image of the week comes from Iceland, where the use of drones has been forbidden in some national parks. The ban is apparently intended to protect nature, as well as visitors who would prefer not to have nuisance drones crash into them. No camping, dogs to be kept on leashes, and please, leave your drones at home!

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