‘Now we have to become explorers of the nature we created and didn't know was there’

Alejandro Alvarez

Intern - Designer

Alejandro is a designer fascinated by the relationship between technology and nature. His work is inspired by evolution and devoted to serve to his community.

With nature as a model and guide he attempts to understand the complexity of the world in order to find problems, communicate ideas and visualize solutions. He has experience in design thinking, product and graphic design. In a world at risk, he is confident that technology is the key to save the future.

Posts by Alejandro Alvarez

Information Decoration 

Meteorology Captures the Technosphere

There is a WiFi network illegally configured that interferes with the rain radar creating a ray of “clouds” that won’t bring any water.

Suburban Utopia 

Architects, You Better Design Cars!

Hyundai envisions a future where your smart home is your driverless car, and vice versa.