‘We are used to see nature in green stuff: grass, trees, animals, we love it. Yet, we may in the same way love the things we've created ourselves, but no longer control. ’

Bas Haring

Philosopher & Writer

Philosopher and writer of popular science and children’s literature. Professor in the Public Understanding of Science at the University of Leiden.

Bas Haring wrote various popular books including ‘Cheese and the Theory of Evolution’, The Iron Will and Plastic Pandas.

TEDx lecture in which Bas Haring explains the value of becoming an island every now and then.


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Next Nature Services

Intentionality separates culture from nature. A dog is intentional, a fox is not; a park is intentional, a forest is not. Since trash, ruined buildings, and automated computer programs are unintentional, they are also a type of nature. Nature provides human society with valuable ‘ecosystem services’ such as water purification or erosion control. Next nature […]

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